Ballarat horse sex pest avoids jail

A judge says if it weren't for an "appalling lapse" by Corrections Victoria in failing to provide counselling to a man convicted of bestiality, he may not have had sex with horses again.

The Dereel man was on Tuesday banned from owning or caring for horses and ordered to undergo counselling as part of an 18 month community corrections order when he was sentenced in relation to lewd acts with horses for a second time.

The 67-year-old was convicted of one count of bestiality in May 2013 and sentenced to a community corrections order (CCO) that included a condition that he participate in offender behaviour programs.

In sentencing the man for the latest bestiality charges on Tuesday, Victorian County Court Judge Lance Pilgrim said it was a disgrace the Dereel resident had never received counselling under his previous CCO.

"It's highly likely if he had have gotten the services he's getting now he might not have reoffended," Judge Pilgrim said.

"I find the behaviour of Corrections Victoria to be deficient."

The man was also ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.

He was arrested last year after neighbours witnessed him performing lewd acts with horses.

On January 15, 2014 a man saw the defendant naked in a paddock engaging in sex acts with a horse.

He was arrested by police in February but denied the allegations.

In March another neighbour filmed him engaging in sex acts with a horse that was tethered to a small shed.

He pleaded guilty to two charges of bestiality earlier this year.

Judge Pilgrim said a report before the court suggested the man's autism may have impaired his judgment.

He also said the man was unaware he could seek help, and his embarrassment may have been an obstacle to reaching out for support.

Corrections Victoria's failure to provide counselling constituted "an appalling lapse in not attending to your needs", Judge Pilgrim told the defendant.

The court earlier heard the man's wife of 27 years had retracted a letter of support she had written, and the pair were now separated.

Defence barrister Amanda Hurst said the man was acutely embarrassed by his actions.

"He's asked me to apologise to everyone, particularly his wife, for his behaviour," Ms Hurst said.