Updated List of Australian Victims of the Bali Bombings

An unofficial list of the dead, missing and injured Australians following the bomb blasts in Bali:


30 Australians are confirmed dead including:


Shane Foley, 34 (from the Coogee Beach Dolphins junior rugby league club)

Adam Howard, 26 (from Double Bay, member of the Dolphins)

Josh Iliffe, 28 (from Kensington, member of the Dolphins)

Dave Mavoudis, 29 (from Wagga Wagga, member of the Dolphins)

Jodie O'Shea, 29 (from Como, died in Royal Perth Hospital)

Kathy Salvatori, 38 (from Malabar, wife of former rugby league international Craig)

Clinton Thompson, 29 (from Griffith, member of the Dolphins)

Robyn Webster, 44 (from Bronte)

Gerard Yeo, 20 (from Dubbo and member of the Coogee Dolphins)


Sue Maloney, 40 (from Elwood)

Vanessa Walder, late 30s (from Carnegie)

Marlene Whiteley, 42 (from Frankston)


Carol Johnstone, 35 (a Perth teacher)

Corey Paltridge, 20 (from Perth, member of Kingsley football club)


Robert Thwaites, 24 (from the Gold Coast)


Joshua Deegan, 22 (from Adelaide, a member of the SANFL club Sturt)

Angela Golotta, 19 (from Tea Tree Gully, was on holidays with her parents)

Bob Marshall, 68 (from Adelaide. An official with SANFL club Sturt)


Tim Hawkins, 28 (from Hobart, a former Australian rower and brother of Olympic gold medallist Stephen Hawkins)


An injured person aboard an RAAF Hercules evacuation flight died en route to Darwin on Sunday night.

Another person died Monday morning in Royal Darwin Hospital after being flown in from Bali.


About 100 Australians remain unaccounted for, DFAT has very serious concerns for 89. They include:


Gayle Airlie

Renee Anderson (from Sutherland Shire)

Christina Betmilik

Steve Buchan and his wife Geraldine (from Chifley)

Debbie Borgia, 44 and daughter Abbey, 13 (from Tempe)

Chloe Byron, 15 (from Bondi)

Paul Cronin, 31 (from the Forbes Platypii rugby union club)

Francoise Dahan, 32 (from Sydney)

Michelle Dunlop, 30 (from Menai)

Craig Dunn, 18 (from Ulladulla)

James Hartman (from Sydney)

Andrea Hore, 38 (from Albury)

Dimmy Kotronakis, 27 and sister Elizabeth, 33 (from Blacktown)

Danny Lewis, 18 (from Ulladulla)

Scott Lysaght, 34

Linda Makawana, 49 (from Kiama)

Lyn McKeon and her daughter Marissa (from Kincumber)

Brad Ridley, 32 (from the Forbes Platypii)

Greg Sanderson, 24 (from the Forbes Platypii)

Cathy Seelin (from Malabar)

Julie Stevenson, 35 (from Sydney)

Behic Sumer, 44 (from Sydney)

Jodi Wallace, 29 (from Gymea)

Shane Walsh-Till, 32 (from Leeton in the Riverina)

Charmaine Whitton, 29 (from Bangor)

Luiza Zervos, 33 (Marrickville)

Six officials and family involved in the South Sydney Juniors Rugby League Club


Belinda Allen, 23 (from Wheelers Hill)

Francis Cachia, 33 (from Reservoir)

Rebecca Cartledge, 20 (from Nunawading)

Bronwyn Cartwright, 28 (from Geelong)

Donna Croxford, 36 (from Port Melbourne)

Kristen Curnow, 31 (from Bendigo)

Sylvia Dalais, 55 (from Seddon)

Jarrod Game (from Melbourne)

Angela Gray, 31 (from Bendigo)

Stacey Lee, 30, her husband Justin Lee, 31 and Aaron Lee, 33 (all from Geelong)

Jenny Murphy, 40 (from Wangaratta)

Amber O'Donnell, 27 (from Melbourne)

Jessica O'Donnell, 21 (from Boronia)

Sue Ogier, Frankston

Bronwyn Ross, 32 (from Carrum Downs)


Matthew Bolwerk (from Secret Harbour, south of Perth)

Jenny and Jane Corteen, 39 (twins from Perth)

Dean Gallagher, 19 (from Perth, member of Kingsley football club)

Byron Hancock, 22 (from Perth, member of Kingsley football club)

Nicole Harrison, 29 (from Mandurah, south of Perth)

David Ross, 20 (from Perth, member of Kingsley football club)

Anthony Stewart, 29 (from Perth, member of Kingsley football club)

Jason Stokes, 31 (from Perth, member of Kingsley football club)

Jonathon Wade, 21 (from Perth, member of Kingsley football club)


Billy Hardy, 20 (from Tweed Heads, member of Southport Sharks football team and brother of Big Brother housemate Jessica)


Geoff Allison

Dennis Arcuris

Steve Beckervich

Jason Biggs

Bettina Christina Brandes

Jacob Bryan

Penny Butler

Anthony Calehia

Andrew Dobson, 40

Michelle Harris

David Kent

David Layford

Jamie Mail

Gary Nash

Brett Reitley

Lee Sexton, 46

Michael Stanoring

Julie Stephens

Adam Wine


196 Australians are confirmed to have been injured, 113 of those seriously, including:


Andrew Acheson (from the Forbes Platypii), serious injury

Adrian Acheson, 27 (from Forbes), broken arm

Ashley Airlie, 17

Candace Buchan

Steven Betland, 21 (from Forbes) burns

Peter Cooper, 50 (from Sydney)

Glenn Dubois, 46, (from Balmain) leg and eye injuries

Simone Hanley, 28, in a critical condition at Royal Perth Hospital

Ryan James, 16 (from Sydney) in a Fremantle Hospital, stable

Ryan James' mother, who would not supply her name to the media

Ross McKeon (from NSW) hospitalised in Australia

Joel Murchie, 32, in Royal Perth Hospital, stable

Carren Smith, 32 (from Sydney) burns

Ali Sumer, 45 (from Sydney) in hospital in Adelaide with burns and a broken leg

Ertn Sumer, 41 (From Sydney) neck injuries

Kristy Webster, 15 (from Marrickville, Sydney) badly broken arm


Steven Armstrong (Melbourne AFL player) minor injuries

Travis Barton, 24 (from Endeavour Hills)

Vince Cuni, 28 (from Melbourne) in Royal Perth Hospital, stable

Greg Elliot (from St Kilda, Melbourne)

Rick Elliot, 38 (from Melbourne) treated in Darwin hospital for minor injuries

Natalie Gould, burns

Angela Graham (from Melbourne) burns

Lynley Huguenin, 22 (from Wantirna, Melbourne) severe burns and shrapnel wound

Mick Martyn, (Kangaroos AFL player) burns

Jason McCartney, 28 (Kangaroos AFL player) in intensive care with burns

Nicole McClean (from Melbourne)

Kim McKerow (from Boronia, Melbourne) severe burns

Belinda O'Donnell

David Robins (Melbourne AFL rookie) minor injuries

Leanne and sister Samantha Woodgate (from Melbourne) badly burnt


Tracey Ball, 31 (from Perth) in Royal Perth Hospital), stable

Peter Basioli, 44

Megan Beasoli, 15, in Royal Perth Hospital

Leanne Boston, 44, in Royal Perth Hospital

Phil Britten, 22 (from Perth) in an Adelaide hospital

Lee Fenton, 20 (from Perth) in hospital, stable

Jade Gaffney, 17 (from Perth) in hospital, stable

Paul Haines, 18 (from Bunbury) in Royal Perth Hospital, stable

Lee Harrison (from Perth) lacerations and cuts

Stuart Henderson, 25 (from Perth) Royal Perth Hospital, stable

Belinda Kemp, 25 (from Perth) in Royal Perth Hospital

Michael Kennedy (from Perth)

Laurie Kerr, 44 (from Perth Kingsley Cats football team) 17 stitches in head, stable

Aaron Lindsey, 19 (from Perth) in Royal Perth Hospital, stable

Justin Panetta, 18 (from Bunbury) in Royal Perth Hospital, stable

Nadine Ramm, 16 (in Perth) in a Fremantle hospital

Adam Sanford, 19 (from Perth) in a Fremantle hospital

Kylie Smith, (from Bunbury)

Tracey Thomas, 41 (from Perth) in a critical condition at Royal Perth Hospital

Connie Watson (from Perth), in Royal Perth Hospital, stable

Chad Wood, 19 (from Perth) in a Fremantle hospital

Also a Scottish resident of Australia, 33 in Royal Perth Hospital, critical


Brendon Barry (from Brisbane) stable condition in a Bali hospital

Chris Beirne, 47 (from the Gold Coast)

Jodie Cearns, 35 (from Brisbane and step daughter of Olympic heptathlon gold medallist Glynis Nunn-Cearns) in intensive care in Melbourne's Alfred Hospital

Glen Cosmore (from Brisbane)

Adam Devine, 21 (Southport footballer) in hospital

Glen Forster, 35 (from the Gold Coast) Princess Alexandria Hospital

Jamie Miles (Southport footballer)

Jayson Pate (from Southport Sharks football team) shrapnel wounds

Dale Robson (Southport footballer) in Royal Perth Hospital

Aaron Rossow, 23 (from Rockhampton) sustained burns to his limbs and back

Jake Ryan, 21 (Southport footballer) severe burns and shrapnel wound

Mitch Ryan (Southport footballer)

Adam Wright (from Brisbane. Jodie Cearns' flat mate)

Ryan Vanville (Southport footballer)


Julian Burton, 29 (from Sturt Football club) burns


Stuart Anstee, 23 (from Launceston) glass fragments in throat and back removed yesterday at Royal Darwin Hospital. Serious but stable condition.

Ben Davis, early 20s (from Hobart) in Melbourne's St Vincents Hospital with burns to hands in a stable condition.


Emma Brawn

David Gafa

Rob Meredith, injuries to right leg

Sophie Tilden

Two Australian Defence Force officers were injured, one seriously and the other has minor injuries.

One Australian is among four victims receiving treatment at Singapore General Hospital