Rummage Around the Rat − Ballarat's biggest garage sale

Ballarat women Val Rook and Magda Csatlos were both in need of a good spring clean so they joined forces for Ballarat’s biggest garage sale Rummage Around the Rat.

By cleaning out their cupboards, they filled the garage of Magda’s Lake Wendouree house at the weekend with homewares, plants, toys, furniture and everything in between.

For Val, who will move out of her house next month and into a unit, it was the perfect chance to prepare for the downsize.

“It’s surprising what we have in our cupboards when you open the doors and really have a look,” she said. “I haven’t got so many cupboards where I’m going.

“What is our trash is somebody’s treasure.”

For Magda, it was about reducing rather than moving.

“I’ve got too many things,” she said.

“What you don’t use you might as well make something good out of.” 

By pooling their items, the two friends transformed Magda’s garage into a bargain hunter’s paradise.

“It almost looks like we’ve got a shop,” Val said.

“Probably there’s lot of people who should do this once a year or twice a year.”

“Rummage Around the Rat”, Ballarat’s biggest garage sale.

“Rummage Around the Rat”, Ballarat’s biggest garage sale.