Plans to curb increasing fuel drive-offs

Victoria Police and the retail fuel industry will work closely to curb an explosion in petrol drive-offs, in response to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Fuel Drive-Offs.

Minister for Police Lisa Neville said the inquiry examined strategies to prevent motorists from intentionally filling up and fleeing.

The government asked the Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee to investigate the issue of people driving off without paying for fuel in May last year. It considered 30 submissions.

The government supports all relevant recommendations in full or in principle. The committee’s key recommendations include developing a police crime prevention guide and providing police with clear advice on investigation and prosecution of drive-offs. 

Ms Neville said the inquiry would ensure those who targeted and damaged small businesses would be prosecute. 

“Drivers who fill up and then intentionally flee without paying are not only breaking the law – they are hurting small businesses,” Ms Neville said.

The committee agreed police have the necessary powers to tackle the issue – and where there is evidence of criminal conduct – petrol thieves will face the full force of the law.