Webbcona Bowls Club notch up for win of the season

Nathan Mahony

Nathan Mahony

Webbcona opened its account in the Ballarat-Geelong premier bowls season with a convincing victory over City of Geelong on Saturday.

Webbcona started well and never looked back, leading all day to clinch a 39-shot win – 107 shots to 68.

In what was another difficult day for City of Geelong, which has now suffered two heavy losses to start the year. Webbcona skipper Brett Mahoney said he was extremely proud of the performance given its poor preparation, which now has the club knocking on the door of the top four.

The only play it got on its home green in the lead-up to the clash was on Saturday morning. Combined with the windy conditions, it made for a difficult day, making the result all the more pleasing.

“Our front green’s pretty open and the wind was chopping and changing – it was really difficult conditions,” Mahoney said.

“For the second week of pennant we’re very pleased with the form players are showing. We haven’t had much of a chance to even practice because the green’s been shut. With the lack of preparation we had, I’d say we did a mighty job.”

Mahoney said the side felt in full control for much of the match.

He said getting off to a quick start was crucial against any opponent and coupled with consistency throughout the day would ensure a successful outcome.

“Right from the first end we were in front of them.

“If you maintain the lead from the word go and come away with the win, it shows that you’ve got a lot of the team bowling consistently, putting bowls on the head and usually that’s the secret recipe to come away with the win.”

Recruits Anne Draffen and Chris Steenhuis continued their strong start with their new clubs, both leading their respective rinks well. 

While Rod Barton impressed in his jump up to the premier division, after filling the void left by Greg Blackburn, who was unwell.

In other premier division results, Queenscliff defeated reigning premier Victorian 101-89 in a huge result for the Cliffers. 

If you maintain the lead from the word go and come away with the win, it shows that you’ve got a lot of the team bowling consistently.

Webbcona skipper Brett Mahoney

Bareena edged out Buninyong by five shots in the battle between premier division newcomers.

Sebastopol got over the line in a one-shot thriller against Ocean Grove.

While Lara moved to the top of the ladder following its 29-shot victory over City Oval.

Premier division

Lara 35 points, 130.1%, Sebastopol 32; 131.4, Ocean Grove 20, 107.5; Victoria 19, 108.8; Webbcona 18, 112.7; Queenscliff 17, 98.9; City Oval 16, 93.9; Bareena 16, 88.4; Buninyong 6, 88.6; City of Geelong 1, 60.7

Division one

Sebastopol 31, 109.4; Midlands Golf 25, 121.3; Ballarat 23, 105.6; Ballarat East 20, 121.8; Ballarat Memorial Sports 19, 98.3; Mt Xavier 18, 98.8; Learmonth 16, 130.5; Creswick 16, 85.6; Avenue 8, 90.9; Central Wendouree 4, 60.3