Restaurant owner fined over false declaration

A Ballarat man who falsely filled out a liquor licensing application has been fined.

Alain Gayral, 62, was convicted and fined at the Ballarat Magistrates Court on Monday morning for making a false statement in an application under the Liquor Control Reform Act for a liquor licence for Bistro Ratatouille.

The court heard Gayral, who no longer has anything to do with the restaurant, answered a question which asked whether he had been convicted of any offences in Australia or overseas with "no".

But checks by police revealed Gayral was convicted and fined at the Prahran Magistrates Court on January 25, 1995.

During an interview with police Gayral said while he signed the form, it was his son who filled it out.

"My son asked me questions and I misunderstood and thought it was for overseas only," he said.

A police prosecutor told the court Gayral was remorseful during the interview and stated he wrote to the liquor licence commission rectifying the mistake.

Representing himself, and assisted by a French interpreter, Gayral explained while the restaurant was in his name, he had opened it for his son.

Magistrate Mark Stratmann told Garyal the document was one that needed to be treated with caution.

"Forms are to be taken seriously," he said.

Gayral was convicted and fined $650.