Judge disturbed by claimed ‘innocence’ of Black Hill rapist

A judge says it's disturbing a convicted Victorian rapist who attacked two teenagers a decade before he tied up a third teen and raped her in a Black Hill mine still claims he is innocent.

Anthony James Pitt, 59, was in August found guilty of raping two teens almost 30 years ago in Mildura and Frankston.

Both victims, then aged 15 and 17, were attacked in 1987 and 1988 as they were walking on the street and dragged into nearby bushes.

In 2013 Pitt's DNA was linked to forensic samples taken from the victims' clothing after cold case detectives reopened the investigation

Pitt was charged with the girls' rapes in 2015, and at his trial in August he claimed the semen found in the victims' underwear was the result of a consensual sex act.

Victorian County Court Judge Mark Dean on Monday said Pitt has not shown any insight or remorse for his crimes, including a previous rape for which he was jailed.

"He has shown no insight or remorse whatsoever despite serving an excess of 20 years in jail," he told a hearing on sentencing submissions.

"He maintains his innocence. That is a disturbing proposition and highlights how dangerous he is."

Pitt, who previously went by the name Lesley Norman Pitt, also denies the rape of a schoolgirl even though he pleaded guilty to the charges.

The teenager was bound and repeatedly raped in a disused Ballarat mine in November 1998 before police found her and Pitt.

Judge Dean says Pitt recently told a psychologist that he is innocent of the Ballarat rape.

"He says it was a ruse by her in order so they could both obtain some ransom money," he said.

"That is just a remarkable statement."

Prosecutors want Pitt to receive a long jail term for his latest rape convictions, with Kerri Judd QC requesting a "disproportionate" sentence.

"The fact that he can act spontaneously, and the fact that he does engage in planning ... makes him very dangerous," she said.

Judge Dean said he was concerned by Pitt's continued refusal to take responsibility for his crimes in the face of the evidence against him.

Pitt will be sentenced in November.