Netball: The Athlete's Cup battle hots up with two rounds to play

Brown Hill Forge remains in the hot seat in the battle to stay in contention for Ballarat Netball Association's premier indoor championship.

With a top four finish essential to remain in the hunt for The Athlete's Foot Cup play-offs, Forge is feeling some heat after a four-goal loss to Dela Oscars on Tuesday night and two rounds remaining.

Forge is third and one game clear of fifth-placed Eureka Kellies. With a superior percentage, one win will be enough to keep Forge in the top four, but it has a tough draw with games against Eureka Klassics (sixth) and sister team Brown Hill Blaze (second).

In contrast fourth-paced Oscars faces Dela TBirds (eighth) and Dela Vixens (ninth), and Kellies meet the bottom two teams in Wendouree NA Gold and Brown Hill Flames. While the top four will play for The Athlete's Foot Cup, the next four will then go head-to-head for the Laffey Shield.

Camera House 17/under Trophy, which features a top five, has one round to play.


THE ATHLETE’S FOOT CUP: Dela Vixens 70 d Brown Hill Flames 43, Eureka Kellies 61 d Brown Hill Stars 48, Wendouree NA Gold 61 d Dela TBirds 40, Dela Oscars 48 d Brown Hill Forge  44, Wendouree NA Blue 98 d Eureka Klassics 29

LADDER: Wendouree NA Blue 32 points, 173.37 percent; BH Blaze 32, 155.36; BH Forge 28, 146.87; Dela Oscars 28, 143.67; Eureka Kellies 24, 120.34; Eureka Klassics 20, 84.65; BH Stars 12, 87.23; Dela TBirds 12, 77.80; Dela Vixens 12, 76.75; Wendouree NA Gold 12, 67.47; BH Flames 4, 43.87

CAMERA HOUSE TROPHY: Dela Swifts 38 d Dela Kestrels, Brown Hill Lightning 55 d Brown Hill Comets 27

LADDER: Eureka Kwiks 34, 171.19; Dela Swifts 28, 103.65; BH Lightning 22, 115.15; Dela Kestrels 12, 75.40; BH Comets 12, 57.97