Letters to the Editor

Who is to blame

Who owns and maintains the nature strips? When a homeowner takes the effort to develop their gardens and make them a sight to behold yet is not allowed to beautify their nature strip, then the council must be responsible for the maintenance.

Surely there are enough people who are able to do so that are not directly paid by the council or others purloined to do so?

We all pay our rates so we are indirectly paying the council to maintain these strips of nature yet there are many eye sores around the city.

Edward Lee, Sebastopol

Questions arise over who is responsible for nature strips; council or the residents?

Questions arise over who is responsible for nature strips; council or the residents?

Inhumanity of mandatory refugee incarceration

"For evil to flourish, it is necessary only for the good man to do nothing." (attr. to Edmund Burke) Plead with our government to stop breaking the laws of humanity. Tarry no longer.

Diane Collacott, Ballarat

The government persists on blaming Labor for the boat people and their ultimate deaths. They expect the public gratitude for saving thousands of lives and securing our boarders.

Had Mr Howard not been led by the nose by president Bush creating havoc, destroying the political stability in the middle East, tens of thousands of lives, and counting, would have been saved. Our budget would have welcomed the savings on the refugee camps and foreign compensation. 

Wally Reynolds, Perth

Thanks from friends

Thanks to Merrilyn Hastings for again organising the annual Christmas Dinner for Friends of North Tech, Midlands and Barkly Colleges.

The numbers are diminishing and this year there were only seven round the table. So sad. It was nevertheless a very enjoyable evening. Many thanks.

Ella Smith, Wendouree

​Independent voices vital

How disappointing that an advocate for our city and community should be drummed out of the Labor Party because he puts local issues before party politics. I'm pleased that the voice of Ron Egeberg will not be silenced by such petty behaviour. Perhaps Ron has ruffled too many feathers by trying to keep the "bastards honest", as Don Chip famously said.

Fiona Watson, Ballarat

As was mentioned in The Courier article, 26 November re. Ron Egeberg booted from ALP, I wish to make the following comments. Mr Egeberg and I discussed this matter prior to the election and I have no concerns with his decision regarding preferences. We both believe there is no place for party politics in local government. I, like Mr Egeberg, stood as an independent not endorsed by the ALP.

I was not made aware of any such rules of preferences before or after the elections. I believe Mr Egeberg has been stabbed in the back over his views regarding the Ballarat railway precinct; views l also share.

I have had the opportunity of speaking to the premier in regard the lack of consultation and information to the public, and their opinion regarding usage of the site. I have also sent an email to the premier about people's concerns. Mr Egeberg should be reinstated as a party member. I believe the ALP is first and utmost a people's party.

Gary Fitzgerald, member, Ballarat East Branch ALP

I read in the media that retired politicians are still enjoying free travel. We are being told this government hasn't had time to put legislation in place to stop this.

I notice the government can soon pass legislation to put up taxes to hit the every day person in the pocket, and I notice many aged pensioners may be affected by the new asset rules which soon come into affect in January that could reduce the pension. It's any wonder people don't have much faith in politicians because once they are elected, they only seem to look after one person; themselves.

Geoff Rundell, Ballarat