Another counterfeit note in Ballarat

The fake note (above) compared to the real note (below).

The fake note (above) compared to the real note (below).

Another round of fake $50 notes has surfaced in Ballarat, with a Lydiard St business falling prey to the counterfeit scam on Monday night.

The Ballarat hotel, whose manager requested it not be identified, said it was likely the note was passed over through the gaming room in the dark, and was hidden among a bundle of real notes.

He said he had called Ballarat police, who had asked for footage to be supplied to them from the hotel’s CCTV.

“Overall they seemed to have more important things to do. I think we’ve just done $50, but I really wanted to let other businesses know that someone is passing these around,” said the manager.

Police advise there are a number of ways to help generally identify counterfeit notes. 

People should attempt to make a small tear in the note corner and if the note tears, then their suspicions should be raised. People can also do a scrunch test. If the counterfeit notes are made of paper, then when you scrunch the note, it won’t return to being flat but will remain scrunched. 

Any discrepancies re the size of the note or with the plastic window might also help identify a counterfeit note.  You can also confirm the legitimacy of a note by comparing it to one you already have in your wallet or cash register. 

Anyone who believes they may have been handed a counterfeit note is asked to retain them and hand them over to local police. Police also encourage people to get descriptions of people who hand the notes over and any vehicles they may have travelled in. 

The notes should then be placed separately in an envelope or similar so it can be handed to police on their arrival. 

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or to submit confidential report at