Letters to the Editor

Disquiet over priorities at Railway Station precinct

UNVEILED:  Concept designs of the refurbishment of the derelict goods shed and a new hotel have raised questions about transport integration.

UNVEILED: Concept designs of the refurbishment of the derelict goods shed and a new hotel have raised questions about transport integration.

I note this week’s article about development at Ballarat station. Currently, it is practically impossible to park at either Ballarat or Wendouree station if one needs to catch a train to Melbourne after peak hour, nor are buses to stations available from many locations.What are we to do when parking is removed while the development is in progress? Why cannot the proposed multi-story car park be built before development starts rather than "at an unspecified date"? Why no mention of taxi or bus area upgrades? The proposal seems to be about looking after big business with little thought for the people of Ballarat.

Peter Meadley, Cardigan Village

Despite public consultation which stressed the need to preserve the area surrounding Ballarat station, Ballarat is about to lose its magnificent railway precinct. Most of the parking which is currently in use is going. The integrity of the bluestone goods shed will be lost as it accommodates all of the alterations necessary for use in the hospitality industry. The space required to expand the railway hub in the future, gone. 25 million dollars of public money wasted on the destruction of a heritage-listed site. And what do we gain? Another hotel; the last thing Ballarat needs or wants.

Dinah McCance, East Ballarat

Regarding the Ballarat railway precinct, where is Jack Mundey, the BLF and green bans when we need them? Mundey articulated the union's principles: Yes, we want to build. However, we prefer to build urgently-required hospitals, schools, other public utilities, high-quality flats, units and houses, provided they are designed with adequate concern for the environment, than to build ugly unimaginative architecturally-bankrupt blocks of concrete and glass offices. By insisting on a social responsibility for their own labour, the builders labourers presented themselves as protecting the many from the few, and the planet from the profiteers. CMFEU: please get militant.

Bernadette Cheesman, Wendouree

Where to for the Roosters?

The majority of Ballarat and district residents won't lose any sleep over the financial plight of the North Ballarat Football Club. A former powerhouse of the Ballarat Football League and having won three premierships in the VFL, one wonders why they have taken the step to be a stand alone club in the VFL. From previous experience, this has not worked when a club severs ties with a Melbourne-based VFL club.

Several teams have folded, and probably will never again get back to the VFL. Now the club is asking the general public, members and former players to help with their financial crisis to save club. What happens to all the money that pours into the North Ballarat Sports Club?

The North Ballarat Football Club administrators must understand there are many more local and nearby country clubs that fans strongly support with a passion, and help financially. The Roosters are not the only club in this area. We all know Eureka Stadium is being redeveloped for the Western Bulldogs, not the North Ballarat Roosters, but who is going to benefit the most?

Graham Pearce, Ballarat

Saving wetlands for the long term benefit of Ballarat

A plea to save our wetlands should not still be necessary, (Courier, November 30) but thankfully we still have good citizens willing to speak up. The relentless development of all land regardless of destruction of the environment in the process, continues unabated. We seem determined to destroy much that brings beauty into our lives as well as provide a healthy environment. Alfredton was very much part of a large area of swamp land.

Over six decades ago my home was on the edge of swampy land. It must be half a century since I saw a frog in the garden, and long ago lost the pleasure of watching the variety of water birds make regular visits. A very old tree of significance managed to disappear in recent years. It appears our natural flora and fauna have little chance of survival when man persists in ignoring past damage. I hope the authorities will listen and take a closer look at the Ballarat West land in question, revise their thinking without bias and adjust planning.

June Johnson, Alfredton