Alfredton man makes citizen’s arrest after crash carnage

UPDATE: Police say the offending driver had fled a booze bus in Gillies Street just minutes before the crashes.

A Victoria Police spokesperson said the car was spotted doing a u-turn to evade police across Gillies Street and speeding away towards Alfredton.

It then turned into Victory Avenue and struck parked cars with “high impact”, before being detained by resident James Quayle.

The 29-year-old Mitchell Park man is expected to be charged with drink driving, driving in a dangerous manner and a number of other charges.

EARLIER: There’s no grin like that of a man who has just pulled off a citizen’s arrest.

Alfredton man James Quayle was all smiles last night after he brought down a driver who had just crashed into three parked cars.

The crash rampage occurred on Victory Avenue, Alfredton about 9.30pm when a white Commodore wagon lost control.

The offending car.

The offending car.

Mr Quayle said he could hear the car doing burnouts in the street, before hearing the unmistakable sound of a serious crash.

Sprinting out from his backyard, he saw the driver trying to flee from the crash scene.

“I could hear burnouts being done then I heard this big smash, so I sprinted down the street and saw two cars on the curb and a bloke getting out of the car,” Mr Quayle said.

“He tried to run away and everyone was like ‘get him’ so I chased him down and restrained him until the cops came.”

Such was his determination to capture the alleged offender, he even broke his hand while tackling him.

He is expected to undergo surgery today.

Mr Quayle isn’t the first man to pose for a trophy shot after pulling off a citizen’s arrest.

You might remember Joe Fontana, who shot to notoriety in March last year when he made a citizen’s arrest after a dramatic police chase.

Joe Fontana

Joe Fontana

And, in an extra touch, it’s not the first time the Quayle family has made headlines either.

His father, Greg, was praised as a hero in 2014 when he helped save houses from fire in nearby Suffolk Court. 

The pair work together as plumbers and James said he hoped his old man might cut him some slack now he has a broken hand.

*The Courier has contacted Victoria Police and is awaiting comment.