Wilson keeps hat in the ring

Peter Wilson says he remains keen to assume control of the North Ballarat Football Club board just days out from the annual general meeting.

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson

The Courier understands five nominations remain for the new board, including that of existing member and spokesperson Richard Start.

Given the number of nominees doesn’t exceed the available positions, the board is set to be elected unopposed on Tuesday evening.

But an agreement from those people to step aside and allow Wilson – as chairman – and his ticket of people to take over the board remains a possibility.

“Now we have the situation where the current members of the board are down to two people. Some new people have been nominated and now (will be) elected, all from the North City background, which I say is not in the interests of governance,” Wilson, a former chairman of the board, said on Friday.

“Therefore, if the opportunity arises where good sense prevails and we were able to be put onto the board with the people that I’ve been working with, then yes we would be anxious to do so.

“But that’s not the current scenario.”

A decision to not ratify club members signed up after an October deadline was made by the existing board late last month, which ruled out Wilson’s ticket of Judy Verlin, Justin Kroussoratis, Ian Corcoran, David Shepherd, Andrew Oliver and Paul Bregazzi from standing for board positions.

While Wilson and other ticket members Leigh Marriott, Tim Bodey, Tony Godfrey and John Polkinghorne were eligible to stand, they withdrew their nominations.

“I’ve not changed that I want to do it, but on terms that are acceptable. That is our people and being supported by a lot of other people, including the majority of the life members,” Wilson said.

Start said he plans to be elected to the new board and anticipates that the other four nominees will also continue with their commitment to the positions.