Doctor Blake exhibition to come to Sovereign Hill

An exhibition of ABC series The Doctor Blake Mysteries at Sovereign Hill will be curated by the show’s own production designer. 

Doctor Blake’s loungeroom will be recreated for the exhibition, which will include costumes, props and a behind-the-scenes look at the series’ production.

Most of the show’s outdoor scenes were filmed in Ballarat, including scenes at the Ballarat Observatory, Eureka Memorial, Arch of Victory, Art Gallery of Ballarat and Lake Wendouree. 

Craig McLachlan as Dr Blake. Picture: Kate Healy

Craig McLachlan as Dr Blake. Picture: Kate Healy

The exhibition will also look at Ballarat as it was in Doctor Blake’s era.

“Our focus is on Doctor Blake’s Ballarat, it’s the way in which Doctor Ballarat has embraced Ballarat and Ballarat has embraced Doctor Blake,” Gold Museum senior curator Michelle Smith said.

“It’s going to be a show that the fans are going to love and I hope it gives people who don’t know the show a bit of an insight into what it means to Ballarat.”

The Doctor Blake Mysteries exhibition will run from April 11 to September 3 at Sovereign Hill’s Gold Museum.