Letters to the Editor


Kicking off with White Night Melbourne, Swing City is now making its way to the Miners Exchange Building as part of White Night Ballarat on Saturday 4 March for another family-friendly all-night dance marathon.

Following the Melbourne success White Night Ballarat offers fantastic opportunities for fun and activity.

Following the Melbourne success White Night Ballarat offers fantastic opportunities for fun and activity.

White Night Melbourne transformed the CBD into a wonderful world filled with vivid colour, music, dance and a big sense of community. Down on Collins Street, the Swing City dance marathon really got people's hearts pumping.The tango, jive, foxtrot and almost every social dance were on show for a night of fun, friends and movement on the dance floor. All night, crowds were taught how to bust a move, showing once again that dance is great way to get together and get moving

Whether it's through dance, circus, or new technology, the arts are such a fantastic way to get active and meet new people. That's why VicHealth is supporting a whole range of events in February and March to do just that.

The fun continues on Sunday 12 March at the Arts Centre Melbourne with Fun Run - an afternoon jam-packed with amazing stage performances, music, dancing, lights, gold lycra and more. It's an amazing community spectacle that pushes one man to the limits of his endurance, while the rest of us cheer and bust a groove in support.

Art can be a fabulous mix of beauty, fun and physicality that takes so many different forms. So find an activity you love, make new friends and enjoy all the health and wellbeing benefits active arts can offer.

Jerril Rechter, CEO, VicHealth

Fears for what lies ahead

I just received notice from Origin Energy that as of 2nd of January, we will have to go to an estimated monthly payment they have calculated. In our case, it will mean an increase of about 87 per cent. As pensioners, this is unsustainable. We are currently paying by direct debit, $50 per month for gas and $40 per month for electricity. Now they want us to pay $179.08 for natural gas and $148.06 for electricity. Politicians of all persuasions only want to play the blame game and do nothing. They just yap, yap, yap and yap! If they would look at all the middlemen in the power supply system and get rid of most of them, we could manage the costs to everyone's satisfaction. This is a national problem going berserk, so federal politicians, dont just blame it on the states.

Damien Vella, Delacombe

Is this a place we call safe?

A detainee went for a walk on Nauru as he was permitted to do. On the walk, he was assaulted by a Naruan which resulted in broken bones to the detainee's face. This injury required him to be flown to mainland Australia for the necessary surgery. The surgeon need to insert two metal plates into the man's face. Is it any wonder that detainees, especially the women, do not feel safe on Nauru? There have also been reports of rapes.

Ann Lawry, Wendouree

Long and universal problem

Paedophilia (the sexual abuse of male and female minors) has been widespread in the Roman Catholic church not for a mere 70 years but since its establishment more than 2,000 years ago. Human behaviour has not significantly changed over the past millennia.

Only recently has it been exposed because of the persistence of the media in the 21st century, coupled with the advent of the internet and social media. And, of course, the extraordinary courage of the victims in coming forward to talk of their sexual violation by clerics and other employees of the church.

Michael J Gamble, Belmont