Head of the Lake to be re-run after huge controversy

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UPDATE, 2.15pm: The 2017 boys’ Head of the Lake race will be re-rowed on Wednesday at 9am.

Ballarat Associated Schools executive officer Sharyn Canny said it was deemed there was an anomaly in the weighing system of the coxes, with some weighed Friday night – including St Patrick’s College cox Jackson Long – and others Sunday morning.

Ms Canny said a meeting of the competing schools’ principals determined it was not in the best educational interests of the rowers to disqualify them but rather hold a re-row.

All five schools will be involved in the re-race, with logistics to be worked out in the next few days.

“The principals would like to stress it has been a fantastic day and there’s been some fantastic racing,” Ms Canny said.

“The principals have made the decision in the best interest of the students.”

She said there would be strict processes in place for weighing the coxes, with all weighed on Wednesday morning.

She also stressed it was an anomaly in BAS processes, not those of Rowing Victoria, with some coxes not available at the nominated weigh-in time.

“It’s just part of the processes of a school regatta.”


UPDATE, 1.50pm: The Courier understands a decision has been made, however it has not yet been made public.

We expect the schools will be told first before it is announced.

UPDATE, 1.25pm: There has still been no decision made. 

The headmasters are having a break and conferring with their rowing directors.

They are expected to resume meeting again shortly.

UPDATE, 1pm: A decision has not yet been made, but St Patrick’s College captain of boats Xavier Schuurs has leapt to the defence of his school.

Upon accepting the trophy for the overall premiership, he made a strong statement to the crowd at presentation.

“We were probably at our lowest, but we know we were the strongest crew on the lake today and we will always know we were the strongest crew in 2017,” he said.

The Courier will let you know the results as soon as they come to hand.

UPDATE: There is a massive drama under way in the boys Head of the Lake and St Patrick’s College could be disqualified.

The cox of St Patrick's has weighed in under the minimum weight of 55kg, coming in at 53kg.

The referees have made the recommendation that St Pat's be disqualified.

It's now in the hands of the five school headmasters involved in the race to decide what happens.

The decision is expected to be announced at the presentation ceremony at Loreto College.

If they are disqualified, Ballarat Grammar will be crowned champion.

Ballarat Clarendon College principal David Shepherd told the stunned crowd a decision has not yet been reached due to “technical difficulties”.

More to come.


OPEN GIRLS' DIVISION 1, 2000M: Loreto - Grace Hoffmann, Ella Higgins, Laura Foley, Molly Grech. Cox: Madelyn Rothe. DC 2, BCC 3, BGS 4, BHS 5.

OPEN BOYS' DIVISION 1, 2000M: Winners: St Pat's - James Crilly, Ben Hutt, Isaac Pertzel, Ethan Lawler. Cox: Jackson Long. BGS 2, BHS 3, BCC 4, DC 5.

*Race now to be re-run on Wednesday.

OPEN GIRLS' DIVISION 2, 2000M: Winners: BCC - Georgia Morgan, Claudia Plange, Pia Gordon, Phoebe Cameron. Cox: Georgia Emery. Loreto 2nd, BHS 3rd.

OPEN BOYS' DIVISION 2, 2000M: Winners: BHS - Lachlan Murfett, Tyler Loader, Noah Mullane, Aidan McLean. Cox: Paris Bedggood-McNicoll. SPC 2nd, BCC 3rd.

OPEN GIRLS' DIVISION 5/6, 1000M: Winners: Loreto College - Laura Weightman, Meg Broadbent, Ashlee Quick, Talee Hare. Cox: Shalya Lamb. Loreto 2nd, BGS 3rd.

OPEN GIRLS' DIVISION 3, 1000M: Winners: Loreto College - Molly Johnson, Maddi Clark, Claire Demuth, Madie Dunn. Cox: Eyrin McCarthy. BCC 2nd, BGS 3rd.

​OPEN BOYS' DIVISION 3, 1000M: Winners: St Pat's - Harrison Bogers, Nick Elliott, Ethan Turley, Samuel McCrum. Cox: Josh Scoleri. BGS 2nd, Damascus 3rd.

OPEN GIRLS' DIVISION 4, 1000M: Winners: Ballarat Grammar - Scarlett Robinson, Grace Henwood, Elizabeth Pattinson, Maddy Rogers Cox Lucy Russell. Loreto 2nd, BCC 3rd.

OPEN BOYS' DIVISION 5/6, 1000M: Winners: St Pat's - Kaiyn Humphrey, Sam McKeegan, Rhyce VanMeel, Duncan Cadman. Cox: Jack Pilbeam. Damascus 2nd, SPC 3rd.

YEAR 10 GIRLS' DIVISION 1, 1000M: Winners: Ballarat High - Mia-Lee Bridges, Ella Lukich, Darcy McMickan, Lauren Salter Cox: Beth Murfett. BGS 2nd, BCC 3rd.

​YEAR 10 BOYS' DIVISION 1, 1000M: Winners: Damascus - Ethan Blackmore, Rhys Davis, Ethan Handley, Mackenzie Yandell Cox: Caspian Linayao. SPC 2nd, BGS 3rd.

​YEAR 10 GIRLS' DIVISION 2, 1000M: Winners: Ballarat Grammar - Tessa Heath, Ruby Green, Lucy McKay, Courtney Betts. Cox: Alice Young. BCC 2nd, Damascus 3rd.

YEAR 10 BOYS' DIVISION 2, 1000M: Winners: St Pat's - Will Peucker, Mason Coutts, Hugh Macdonald, Connor Shugg. Cox: Hugh Ollerenshaw. BGS 2nd, BCC 3rd.

YEAR 10 GIRLS' DIVISION 3, 1000M: Winners: Loreto College - Pippa Nolan, Ruby Dean, Ella Grumley, Lucy O'Loughlin. Cox: Chloe Severino. BCC 2nd, BGS 3rd

YEAR 10 BOYS' DIVISION 3, 1000M: Winners: St Pat's - Justin Bleicher, Hamish Britt, Brayden Sands, Bailey O'Keefe. Cox: Daniel Edwards. BCC 2nd, BGS 3rd.

​YEAR 10 GIRLS' DIVISION 4, 1000M: Winners: Loreto - Teagan Blythe, Megan Skrokov, Courtney Tuddenham, Elle Hammill. Cox: Annie Wood. Damascus 2nd, BCC 3rd.

​YEAR 10 BOYS' DIVISION 4, 1000M: Winners: St Pat's: Alexander Kirby, Bill Walker, Mitch Brown, Harry Fraser. Cox: Tom McKinnis. SPC 2nd, SPC 3rd.

YEAR 10 GIRLS' DIVISION 5, 1000M: Winners: Loreto – Isabella Taylor, Alexandra Emonson, Abiathar Templar, Emma Hughes. Cox: Sophie Rex. Phoenix 2nd, BCC 3rd.

YEAR 9 GIRLS' DIVISION 1, 1000M: Winners: BHS - Lilly Kimber, Hayley McLean, Ella Glenwright, Casey Farquhar. Cox: Nikki Macaulay. BCC 2nd Loreto 3rd.

YEAR 9 BOYS' DIVISION 1, 1000M: Winners: BCC – Jack Livingston, Nicholas Raschilla, Takumi Trevena, Shogo Trevena. Cox: Salvatore Amenta. SPC 2nd, BGS 3rd.

YEAR 9 GIRLS' DIVISION 2, 1000M: Winners: Loreto College - Molly Ryan, Grace Mader, Bonnie McLoughlin, Ally Trigg. Cox: Chloe Severino. BHS 2nd, BCC 3rd.

YEAR 9 BOYS' DIVISION 2, 1000M: Winners: Ballarat Grammar – Max Rivers, Matthew Gray, Noah Esmonde, Alexander Unmack, Cox: Stuart Unwin. SPC 2nd, BHS 3rd.

YEAR 9 GIRLS' DIVISION 3, 1000M: Loreto - Keely Greer, Ruby Cheesman, Meg McKinnis, Stephanie Jones. Cox: Maddison Lloyd. BHS 2nd, BGS 3rd.

YEAR 9 BOYS' DIVISION 3, 1000M: Winners: St Pat's –  Henry Ross, Aidan Rieniets, Will Rothe, Angus Treweek. Cox: Harry Taylor. SPC 2nd, BGS 3rd.

YEAR 9 GIRLS' DIVISION 4, 1000M: Winners: Loreto College - Kasey Drew, Kate Robinson, Emma Houlihan, Maggie Ryan. Cox: Emily Canavan, BHS 2nd, BGS 3rd.

YEAR 9 BOYS' DIVISION 4, 1000M: Winners: St Pat's - Will Liston, Josh Farrington, Sean Clarke, Nicholas Huf. Cox: Riley Murphy. BGS 2nd, St Pat's 3rd.

YEAR 9 GIRLS' DIVISION 5, 1000M. WinnersLoreto - Emily Bathurst, Aysha Linton, Hannah Byvoet, Larni Howard. Cox: Annie Bissinella. BGS 2nd, BCC 3rd.

YEAR 9 BOYS' DIVISION 5/6, 1000M. Winners: St Pat's – Jack Clinton, Kai O'Keeffe, Dane Kolek, Elijah Cross, Cox: Alex McCallum. BGS 2nd, BCC 3rd.