Ballarat comes alive for White Night | Photos, Videos


12AM: And that wraps up our coverage folks, what a brilliant night it has been for Ballarat!

We’ve never seen the city come alive like this and it is certain to go down as a night that won’t be forgotten for some time.

It’s hard to say at the moment, but there were definitely tens of thousands of people that flooded the Ballarat CBD.

The party is certain to continue long into the night, with official festivities to go through until 7am.

if you are out there tonight, look after yourself, look after your friends and enjoy the night safely.

From those of us at The Courier, we hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage.

We would love to see White Night come back again.

Have a great night!

11.45PM: Have you seen our faces in the crowd gallery?

It is almost certain you will find somebody you know!

Have a flick through by clicking here or by clicking on the photo below.

11.30PM: Look who is purring around the city!

11.15PM: Why not check out some of your best photos?

There are some rippers in here!

Take a look by clicking here or by clicking on the photo below.

11PM: This is just incredible.

Ballarat’s own Pitcha Makin’ Fellas turning it on with with of the highlights of the night.

Check it out!

10.45PM: There’s even the outdoor cinema! Ballarat seriously has it all tonight!

10.30PM: The Sturt Street median strip is the place to be for some rest and recuperation. People of all ages sitting or lying on the grass - many with ice cream in hand! 

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9.55PM: It’s not just the streets where the action is! The Mining Exchange is hosting some great dancing like we’ve never seen before as well.

9.40PM: The artwork of Ballarat's youngsters are proving a crowd pleaser as they are projected onto a Lydiard Street building. Take a look and find the artwork of your child or someone you know. 

9.20PM: Maybe this is just us, but does this remind anybody of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostubusters?

For those of you who don’t understand the reference, we’re talking about this.

9.10PM: It is absolutely hectic in the Ballarat CBD – we don’t know if we’ve ever seen anything like this!

What a brilliant event to come to our city.

Crowds seem to be reaching a peak and it is getting harder and harder to move along Lydiard Street in particular with many stopping to look up at the projections.

You won't be getting anywhere in a hurry! 

Lucky the event lasts until 7am!

8.50PM: And among all that White Night has to offer ... a bagpipe playing

Cookie Monster!!!

8.45PM: Now for the main event!

8.40PM: Here’s White Night director David Atkins opening the show before.

8.30PM: Projections on Lydiard Street buildings are coming into full effect as the sky darkens with hoards of people looking up in wonder.

8.20PM: Carla O'Brien's Love This Way installations are big hit among the kids, with families posing for pictures among the neon love hearts on Sturt Street.

The hearts have been a hit on Sturt Street, particularly the broken heart - to her surprise. The installation includes 'I love you' in Victoria's four most spoken languages - Greek, Arabic, Italian and Chinese.

7.50PM: The White Knight of White Night Ballarat has arrived!

Check out his grand entrance here.

7.20PM: Ballarat has already come alive for White Night, even though there is still more than an hour of sunlight remaining in the day.

The 12-hour music marathon has started and there are already hundred of people swarming the streets of the Ballarat CBD.

Ballarat Ska Union started the music marathon on Lydiard Street union, after a welcome to country indigenous ceremony.

A passing thunderstorm threatened, but looks like it has passed to the north of Ballarat.