UPDATE: Ticketholders to get their money back

Picture: Lachlan Bence
Picture: Lachlan Bence

UPDATE, 8AM THURSDAY: It now appears ticketholders will have their tickets refunded.

A message from ticketing agency TicketDirect has been sent out and claims people will be fully reimbursed.

The full message can be read below.

Delacombe mum Jenny Fulcher bought three tickets for $95 through online service Groupon, which offered a voucher for premium seating at a discount.

“I’m still waiting to hear back from Groupon, they said they’d look into it within the next seven days,” she said.

“I really hope I get my money back, but if we don’t get it, I just think of what it’s like for the performers and what it has caused for them.”

UPDATE 6PM: The Great Moscow Circus has claimed “very soft ticket sales” are the reason for cancelling its tour of Ballarat.

The Great Moscow Circus’ Facebook page posted to the Facebook event shortly before 6pm on Wednesday evening. The show was due to begin just an hour-and-a-half later.

The post makes no mention of refunds or comments made to The Courier by an event organiser contracted by the circus that the business had gone into liquidation. 


An event organiser working with Moscow Circus believes it’s unlikely ticket holders will be given their money back after its shows at Ballarat showgrounds were cancelled at the last minute on Wednesday.

Event manager Patrick Anderson said Edgley Attractions, which is running the circus, went into liquidation on Monday.

While details of how creditors would be paid during the liquidation process remained unclear, Mr Anderson said he believed it was unlikely there would be any refunds for pre-purchased tickets.

“Unfortunately I think ticket holders have lost their money, Edgley Attractions has left everyone holding the bag trying to sort everything out with no information,” he said.

The Moscow Circus, which has become a household name in country towns through its touring performances for more than 50 years in Australia, has also left veteran performers despairing about their future. 

Performer Rushat Polaschuk, who lives in Cairns, said they were told on Wednesday that tonight’s 7.30pm show was cancelled.

“I don’t know what I’ll do, hopefully work cover will support me,” he said.

The other Ballarat entity caught in the crossfire of the sudden closure is showgrounds owner Ballarat Agricultural and Pastoral Society, who were hosting the touring circus. 

Ballarat Agricultural and Pastoral Society president Kerri Gallagher apologised to everyone impacted but said inquiries must be directed to Moscow Circus about ticket refunds.

“While the Moscow Circus is renting our land for our week the event has nothing to do with the Agricultural Society,” she said.

More to come.