Hard rubbish collection is the obvious solution to dumping

Rubbish dumping at charity bins might be reduced if council introduced kerbside collection of hard rubbish. Kerbside collection might also reduce the amount of rubbish dumped in our state forests. Free vouchers for recycling are only issued to ratepayers which leaves many people having to pay to dispose of rubbish. For some people this may be a hardship.

Clara Geoghegan, Ballarat North


Finally, after a decade of climate wars at the federal level, progress is being made. Both sides have embraced the idea that there are limits to how much stored carbon can be suspended in the atmosphere. In 2001, John Howard introduced the Renewable Energy Target which is now a matter of accepted policy for both Labor and the Coalition. Now a chorus of business groups including Origin Energy have called on the Federal Government to move quickly to support an emissions trading scheme, while mining heavyweight BHP Billiton has backed "a price on carbon emissions" as part of its submission to the Finkel Review of Australia's Energy System.

It's a big ask for Prime Minister Turnbull to stare down the extremists in his party who are dragging their feet on the issue, but as polling shows support for the government plummeting, the very survival of conservative politics in this country may rest on the outcome.

Pat Hockey, Clunes

Some dogs breed trouble

Pugs, bulldogs and other "flat faced" dogs face a life of misery due to reckless breeding, according to veterinarians and the RSPCA, with many requiring surgery just to be able to breathe properly.  This illustrates just a few of the many problems with "breed" dogs. People often acquire "pure-breed" dogs and cats only to find that they suffer from tragic and expensive health problems, often as a result of inbreeding or being selectively bred for environments quite different to ours.

Ashley Fruno, Associate Director of Campaigns, PETA Australia