Last-ditch effort to get to the circus

Child and Family Services Ballarat has made a desperate appeal for help to send some of the city’s most disadvantaged young to Cirque Du Soleil after tickets to the Great Moscow Circus were lost.

Great Moscow Circus had donated tickets to children living in CAFS residential care houses before the company suddenly went into liquidation last week.

But CAFS Ballarat staff said they still wanted to make sure children in care would not miss out on seeing a circus as they had got their hopes up.

Support manager Melissa Riddiford called Cirque Du Soleil to see if they could receive a group discount to send children to a show in Melbourne this Sunday.

Ms Riddiford was told that, even with a group discount, the tickets will still cost $165 each for all of them.

In response, CAFS has reached out to Ballarat residents for a little extra support to help cover the cost of tickets. 

To donate, please call CAFS on 5337 3333 or donate online at

CAFS chief executive Allan Joy hoped they could reach their goal.

“We are not going to give up, these kids deserve a break,” he said. 

“I would like to call on the generosity of the local community to see if we can meet the target of 20 tickets to the circus, which requires support of $3,300.”