Bill Mundy resigns as North Ballarat CEO

North Ballarat Football Club chief executive Bill Mundy has walked from Eureka Stadium less than four months after taking the role at the embattled organisation. 

Mr Mundy offered his resignation to the board on Tuesday, just one week out from the beginning of the Victorian Football League season. 

Roosters chairman John Nevett said while he had made contact with Mr Mundy, who is currently on leave, he had not discussed the reasons behind his resignation. 

He said he would meet with Mr Mundy on Monday and declined to make further any comment on the matter. 

Mr Mundy’s resignation comes after a spate of recent exits from the club, with two senior members of staff leaving the organisation in the past week. 

Football manager Marg Richards, who had been at the club for more than 20 years, resigned at the end of last week after the club offered her a new contract which would have seen her reduced from a full-time to part-time capacity. 

Ms Richards said while a number of reasons impacted her decision to decline the offer, the primary driver was that she didn’t believe the role could be complete by a part-time employee. 

Marg Richards

Marg Richards

“I don’t believe you can provide correct support for a VFL football side in a part-time capacity,” Ms Richards said. 

“It was an extremely difficult decision and one of the hardest I’ve made in my career because I have a very strong bond with (coach) Marc Greig and the players, but I had to do what was right for me.” 

Mr Nevett also declined to comment on why the role of football manager was reduced from full-time to part-time. 

Mr Mundy and Ms Richards join a long list of Roosters staff and board members who have resigned or have been told to walk over the past 12 months. 

The former regional Telstra boss was appointed to the club’s top job in January, six months after former chief executive Mark Patterson walked from the job. 

Mr Nevett is also the third chairman of the organisation since December, following the resignations of Jenny Bromley and interim chairman Shaune Maloney. 

Other board members who have left in recent months include Ray Gluyas, Di Nevett, Stephen Jurica, Peter Carey, Ross Johns and Simon Gilbert. 

High profile general manager of football Gary Buckenara was also told his job no longer existed in December last year after spending just one season with the club. 

The club also finds itself in major financial turmoil after naming rights sponsor H.Troon pulled its support in February after a number of board aspirants were deemed ineligible to stand at February’s elections. 

“I’ve got grave fears (for the Roosters) because we need strong financial support and it’s well known the club’s been battling,” Ms Richards said. 

John Nevett

John Nevett

Mr Nevett said the club planned on holding a meeting with all members after Easter.  He also said the board remained committed to restoring stability to the executive branch of the club and was determined to maintain the Roosters’ VFL presence.