Suspended driver reached speeds of 150km/h in police pursuit, court hears

UPDATE, MAY 19: An ice addict who reached speeds of up to 170km/h, forcing a family of four off the road, has been jailed for 18 months.

Hayden Wayne Millar, 25, was driving a stolen car while suspended on the wrong side of Bungaree-Wallace Road on February 5.

The young family travelling in their car was forced to swerve off the road moments before another car had to do the same.

In sentencing at Ballarat Magistrates Court on Friday, magistrate Ronald Saines told Millar his driving behaviour was the most serious and dangerous example of the offences.

"Not only were you driving while disqualified you were under the influence of methamphetamine," Mr Saines said.

He said it was not the first time Miller had been caught driving while suspended.

Millar pleaded guilty to a litany of charges in April relating to the incident.

He must serve 10 months in jail before being eligible for parole.

He has already served 103 days in custody.

APRIL 7: A 25-year-old ice addict who was thought to be driving at 170km/h as he veered onto the wrong side of the road towards a family of four faces a significant time behind bars.

The family was forced to swerve off the Bungaree-Wallace Road as Hayden Wayne Millar, who was in a stolen car, headed straight for them, a court has heard.

The Ballarat Magistrates’ Court heard another driver was forced to take evasive action only moments later to avoid being hit by the suspended P plate driver on February 5.

The court heard earlier that afternoon Millar had sped off from a random breath test sight and was caught overtaking cars on the shoulder of the Bacchus Marsh Road Avenue of Honour at 134km/h while being pursued by police. The legal speed limit was 60km/h.

Police lost sight of the accused, but he was later seen travelling west of the Western Freeway in excess of 150km/h. Police caught up with him near the White Star Hotel where he refused to get out of the car.

A police officer was forced to smash the car’s window and pull Millar out.

During an interview Millar said he could not remember anything due to his use of the drug ice.

Millar’s lawyer, Graeme Davis, told the court his client had been an ordinary hard-working citizen until an ice addiction took over his life.

He told the court the death of Millar’s father and grandfather led to a number of stresses that eventually saw his client turn to criminality and end up in jail.

It was here Millar was introduced to ice.

“Ice usage has destroyed him,” he said. He urged the magistrate to consider a longer period of parole.

Millar will be sentenced on May 19.