Seb Big Band on tune to perform classic hits

BIG BAND: The Seb Big Band, an 18-piece big band, will perform massive hits at an upcoming show.
BIG BAND: The Seb Big Band, an 18-piece big band, will perform massive hits at an upcoming show.

Why have members of the Seb Big Band continued to play more than 40 years after it first formed as a high school group? They put it down to A Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Whether it be a love for big bag, brass instruments or dancing that draws you to their upcoming concert – Crooners is sure to impress.

Trumpet player Alice Marcollo was a member of the then titled Sebas Clead Big Band in 1994 when it consisted mainly of Mt Clear College and Sebastopol High School students interested in playing big band music.

The band has since evolved and is now of semi-professional quality and performs around three times a year. 

“Of late we’ve been a little bit different but we are still a big band,” Ms Marcollo said.  

For the past three years Seb Big Band has focused on themed gigs – playing Rockabilly style to Blues Brothers.

For the big band sound they will have audience members Feeling Good as they Sway to Michael Buble and take them on a journey with Frank Sinatra to New York, New York. 

The band itself is an 18-piece brass band with saxophonists, trumpets, trombones, the keyboard, guitar and vocalists. 

“(The band evolved because) the school’s music curriculum changed. Back when I first joined the band there was a concert band to play in or a stage band at school – but the big band was very different,” Ms Marcollo said.

“These days most schools have big bands and a diverse musical offering, so we branched out and as we’ve become adults the band has grown from a high school band to one of more a semi-professional quality.”

The musicians have not forgotten their roots. Founding teacher Ted Lewis who led the band in 1979 will attend the upcoming concert.

“I guess the reason I’ve stayed in the band is because of the quality of the music, the quality of the musicians and the camaraderie of the musicians. I’ve made lifelong friends just through playing,” Ms Marcollo said.

Seb Big Band will perform at the Minerva Space at the Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute on Saturday 22 April. The Crooners will take the stage at 8pm performing til 11pm.

Music lovers are encouraged to put on their dancing shoes, bring some supper and dance the night away to their favourite tunes.

“We’ll perform a wide range including Frank Sinatra, we’ll also be a bit more contemporary and play Michael Buble a few female type vocals including Natalie Cole,” Ms Marcollo said.

Seb Big Band will take on some tunes not usually heard in the big band circuit. Guests can expect to hear some Pussy Cat Dolls and even Robbie Williams. Book: