Motorcyclist Dale Maggs discusses biggest challenges riders face | Video

Motorcyclists believe poor road conditions throughout regional Victoria are the biggest challenge riders face. 

Rupanyup motorcyclist Dale Maggs has been riding motorcycles for more than 40 years.

“I got my licence when I was 16,” he said.

Mr Maggs said the biggest challenges riders faced was poor roads.

“There are issues with things like bumps, dips and general bad surfaces throughout regional Victoria,” he said.

“The constant movement grinds on the body – it’s much easier to travel in a car because there’s more cushion than on a motorcycle. 

“If you are travelling long distances, riders can get really fatigued because of it, and that’s when you make decisions you wouldn’t make otherwise.”

Eight high-risk roads including the Daylesford-Trentham Road, from the Midland Highway to the Kyneton-Trentham Road, and the Myrniong-Trentham Road, from Kyneton to the Western Freeway will be fitted with upgrades.

The near $11 million investment is funded by the Motorcycle Safety Levy fund and includes the installation of new rub-rail protective barriers and the sealing of driveways and roads.

A further $2.1 million investment will provide maintenance for 200 popular routes.

Motorcyclist and safety advocate George Fong last month said the motorcycling community welcomed the upgrades. 

“The general view is this is finally a really good use of the levy especially with the rub barriers,” Mr Fong said.

“Now, it’s about educating council about how to improve their roadworks and make sure they are friendly to motorcyclists.” 

Mr Maggs said more funding was needed to upgrade the roads. He said the worst road he experienced was between Horsham and Murtoa.

“The road is so degraded, that the speed limit has dropped to 80 kilometres an hour,” he said.

Mr Maggs said riders had to learn to predict the actions of other road users.

“It’s about learning road craft,” he said.

“We have to a be aware of others, especially long vehicles like trucks and caravans.

Mr Maggs there was roads all throughout Australia that needed upgrading.

“I think all users should meet with ministers often about the state of the roads,” he said.

“That includes heavy vehicles, vulnerable users such as motorcyclists and cyclists, people with caravans and the everyday commuters.

“They should all come together to discuss issues – it would make the road better for everyone.”