Lost bush walkers spend cold night in Lederderg State Park

Two bush walkers who spent a cold night sheltering by a small fire in a state park have been found safe and well by emergency services.

Bacchus Marsh Sergeant Trevor Johnson said a 28-year-old and 35-year-old contacted police at 6pm on Monday to say they were lost in the Lerderderg State Park.

Police were able to find out their location by tracking GPS co-ordinates through mobile phones.

“Police made contact and told them to stay put. They seemed to be safe,” Sergeant Johnson said.

The pair lit a fire to keep warm. 

“This morning , when it was light, police located the walkers and walked them out,” Sergeant Johnson said.

“They were happy enough.”

The pair will be assessed by paramedics.

Sergeant Johnson has urged all bush walkers to install GPS apps on their phones.

“Then if they do get lost they can be located,” Sergeant John said.