Man allegedly flees police at 120km/h around Lake Wendouree

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A Sebastopol man allegedly caught at 70km/h above the speed limit on Wendouree Parade while being pursued by police and narrowly missing a cyclist faces possible jail time.

The driver, 40-year-old Kevin Angwin, has been charged with dangerous driving and failing to stop on police direction over the January 12 incident.

The Ballarat Magistrates’ Court on Thursday heard police first attempted to intercept Angwin at the intersection of Gillies and Gregory Streets when it is alleged he sped off.

The court heard Angwin allegedly reached speeds of 100km/h in Gregory Street where he also became airbourne after driving over a speed hump too quickly.

Police followed Angwin into Wendouree Parade where he was clocked at 120km/h in a 50km/h zone.

The pursuit was terminated as Angwin drove onto the wrong side of the road, forcing a cyclist to take evasive action to avoid being hit. He was also witnessed allegedly overtaking cars.

But police later caught up with Angwin near Learmonth Street, by the Western Freeway, when his car ran out of petrol. During an interview with police, Angwin said he only sped off on the officers because his passenger told him to.

Angwin’s lawyer elaborated on this, telling the court the passenger was wanted by police and when Angwin went to pull over, the passenger hit him in the head and told him to keep driving.

Police noted Angwin was remorseful for his actions, the court also heard.

Angwin’s lawyer said his client realises what he did was wrong and understood that he was facing an extensive period of time off the road.

He told the court Angwin made it clear he was too old for this kind of trouble.

Angwin’s lawyer added Angwin suffered from multiple sclerosis which had lead to him using the drug ice to deal with the pain.

The charge of dangerous driving while being pursued by police carries a maximum jail term of three years.

The lawyer requested the matter be adjourned off for a consolidated plea hearing on June 20.

Angwin also faces a range of other driving related charges, which include drug driving, speeding, and possessing/using ice. These will also form part of the consolidated plea hearing in June.

Angwin will remain on bail with conditions not to drive until his next court appearance.