Burn-offs planned for Wombat Forest

Burns are planned for the Wombat State Forest this week.

Forest Fire Management Victoria has scheduled a 507 hectare planned burn to begin today.

Forest Fire Management Victoria’s Midlands District Manager, Jasmine Filmer said the planned burns were critical to reduce bushfire risk.

“The burn will only be carried out following careful consideration of fuel moisture and weather conditions such as humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction,” Ms Filmer said.

“The decision to proceed will be made on the day of the burn; if conditions are unfavourable, the burn will be rescheduled.”

Ms Filmer said measure have been taken to protect environmental values. 

“Measures include raking around hollow-bearing trees within a 250m distance along the burn perimeter to help alleviate potential impacts from fire,” she said. 

“Our aim is to do everything we can to keep wildlife safe, while reducing bushfire risk to communities and the environment.”

For the latest information about when planned burns are happening near you go to www.ffm.vic.gov.au/plannedburn or call the VicEmergency hotline on 1800 226 226.

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