Wedding veils revealed

If you think veils are not your thing, take a look at some real wedding snaps and see how it has helped enhance that bride’s style.

The length is the main thing to consider when choosing a veil, however brides can add their own personal touches to any length through different types of blushers, more than one tier, poufs or adding a juliet cap.

Whether it be, modern, traditional or completely original, there is a veil length and style to suit even the most classic or contemporary bride.


These veils are the shortest in length and have enjoyed huge popularity in the past few years. Usually worn below the eyes or down to the chin, this veil is super stylish and low-hassle.


Perfect for the fashion-forward bride who still wants to keep with tradition. This style is less common but perfect if you have some delicate detailing on your dress you want to show off.


Elegant, easy to handle and informal, this style is perfect for a daytime setting. Elbow-length veils are perfect for full and meringue dress styles as they usually end at the point where the skirt of your gown begins.


This length falls between the knee and ankle and is perfect for brides who want a long veil look without worrying about tripping over. It also makes dancing a breeze.


If you want to make a grand impression on your big day then look no further (and no shorter) than the cathedral length. The Rolls Royce of veils, although they may be impractical, they make for beautiful photographs.