Letters to the Editor

Palliative care support vital for quality end of life

Through your paper I would like to highlight the amazing work of the team of dedicated doctors, nurses and support staff who work tirelessly each day to provide a service second to none which most people don't know about.'My family has recently been touched by this service. In light of Mother's Day, I would like to recognise this dedicated group of people. Mother's Day is not always what it seems. There are so many people going through their own bitter struggles. Or families who have lost their mother and find it hard to reconcile with.

Our dear mother Helen Chapman was diagnosed with that dreaded disease bowel cancer in shocking circumstances in August 2016. From that time it was like walking over a line; our lives had changed forever. She required her bowel to be removed along with tumor with secondary cancers in her liver and lung. Chemotherapy followed until it became too much to bear. Mum lost her life partner 24 years ago. From that time on for her, life was different. She was strong, loving, funny, courageous, putting on that brave face like all mothers do.

End of life experience is one of the hardest struggles many families face so good palliative care can make an enormous difference.

End of life experience is one of the hardest struggles many families face so good palliative care can make an enormous difference.

Pain was always there, and eventually it became so much that through the wonderful palliative support services in Ararat, it was suggested to go to Gandarra Palliative Care Unit for breakthrough treatment. This team from the minute our mother arrived welcomed her as if she were part of their family along with our extended family. Doctors and nurses who provided 24 hr care which meant listening to needs, highest possible medical treatment available. Doctors and nurses who sat and talked with mum in such a respectful and loving way helping mum and our family through a difficult transition. These same medical professionals would laugh and cry with you or make you a cuppa when it was all too hard. Palliative care is not just about dying.

It is truly genuine, dedicated people who are there to support people with ill health and give them quality of life. Gandarra is like a home away from home, beautiful lounge rooms and gardens and you can't have that without the people who make it. Please support this service in any way you can, even the smallest donation can help. Cancer is insidious. If we don't have a cure yet, let's give the living quality. Rotary are supporting Bowel Cancer in May. Look after yourself and love your family.

Liz Harrington, Stawell

Better things to advocate for than questionable comrades

I read with disgust in our local newspaper (The Courier, May 12) that our local state MP Geoff Howard defended the actions of disgraced MP Don Nardella and Telmo Languiller in parliament on Tuesday. It's a pity Mr Howard didn't concentrate on lobbying his government for extra funding to bring down the waiting list for the Ballarat public hospital.

Geoff Rundell, Ballarat

Obsolete and expensive bins

I see many people complaining about councils implementing a charge for rubbish removal. The Ballarat City Council decided not to charge an extra fee for rubbish removal, instead they just added a collection fee for green waste, the same green waste most people use as compost. I suppose the bin they provided will either sit empty in backyards throughout the city or become an expensive compost bin. So much for the rate cap.

Bill Dobell, Sebastopol

Low paid and exploited

It is hardly surprising that it is so hard to find Australians willing to work in the horticultural industry. Exploitation is rife. With growers being squeezed on price by the large supermarket chains, there is incentive to pay illegally low wages.