Ballarat City Council backs down on parking infringements

Ballarat City Council will waive parking tickets issued to people who illegally parked during a funeral at St Patrick's Cathedral on Monday.

There was online backlash from the community following the well-attended funeral.

Council issued a media release that said anyone issued a ticket between 11am and 2.20pm will have the infringement cancelled.

“The City of Ballarat sincerely apologises to the McGrath family, friends and mourners and asks for those mourners who received a fine to contact the City of Ballarat Parking Infringement Office on 5320 5500,” the media release said.

“It is not standard practice for the City of Ballarat to monitor parking in the vicinity of funerals, and the City is working to ensure this does not occur in the future.

“Again, we offer our sincere apologies and condolences to the family and community.”

A Facebook post shared by Ballarat resident Leanne Pearson said the decision to fine drivers was a disgrace.

“Booking cars in the surrounding streets close to St Pat’s, people who attended the funeral of the young girl that passed away from meningococcal and people were struggling to get parks as it was, and then came out to find out they had been booked,” she said.

“The police closed off Sturt Street for the procession because the funeral was so big.”

The post was shared more than 500 times and received more than 80 comments.

Other comments said parking inspectors should be told funeral times so they can give drivers leeway for overstaying time limits at car parks near churches.

Between 12 and 19 fines were issued in the St Patrick’s Cathedral vicinity during the funeral on Monday.