Mysterious ghost ship puzzles onlookers

A blue boat that recently appeared along a remote stretch of road had heads turning just south of Ballarat this month.

Motorists first noticed it when travelling between Ross Creek Road and the Midland Highway.

Several residents took to Facebook to discuss the mysterious craft, with many at a loss to explain its true backstory. 

Indeed, our region is not well known for boats of this type, especially as temperatures dip and we brace for winter.

Ballarat City Council said on its website: “litter is visually offensive, can be dangerous to humans and wildlife and damaging to the environment”.

It comes after the number of cars stolen, burnt and dumped sky-rocketed in 2016 around Ballarat.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Creina O’Grady said it was not the responsibility of police to remove vehicles. 

Owners or insurers have primary responsibility if an abandoned car is on a public road or is unregistered.

Police are only required to tow abandoned cars if they pose a road hazard.

Officers will typically place police tape on vehicles they are aware of and contact council.

Report dumped trash to Victoria’s EPA by phoning 1800 35 25 55.