Letters to the Editor

Lots of fuss about walking an extra block

I am happy we live in a country where we can have an opinion. Unfortunately today, there has been a lot of negative comments aimed at the Ballarat city council; more particularly the parking officers who have been scorned for doing their job. While I can appreciate everyone wanting to park within three metres of St Pat's, it is not rocket science to realise that not everyone can. Laws regarding parking and driving are for the betterment of the whole community. Obey the law and you won't get a ticket. It is not revenue raising, it is a voluntary contribution. Ballarat residents seem to be always complaining about parking. I guarantee, you only have to walk a couple of blocks from anywhere you want to go in Ballarat to get a park.

Max Power, Mount Pleasant

Governments can help in opportunities

The more competitive finance available for state backed projects is being leveraged by renewable energy developers to build more renewables than contracted, helping us all to make the transition to a low emissions electricity supply sooner and more competitively. By purchasing clean energy, governments can specify higher levels of local content, local jobs, local manufacturing and local operational staff. Cheaper finance also means cheaper energy for consumers. Last month the Mt Gellibrand wind farm started construction on farmland just outside Colac. The $258 million project will see 42 turbines constructed and will deliver enough clean energy for 60,000 homes. The project has been welcomed by landowners and the local community, with Victorian businesses securing work worth 40% of the project. 50% of the towers for the turbines will be built by local Victorian company Keppel Prince. We will see more projects increase their capacity as the state government moves to implement the Victorian Renewable Energy Target, which will support up to 5400MW of clean energy between now and 2025. That means more jobs, more investment, and more energy at an affordable price for everyone.

Simon Corbell, Victoria's Renewable Energy Advocate 

Another two years employed for what?

Legislation must be passed in our parliaments requiring an immediate by-election if an elected member of parliament changes his or her political allegiance mid term, or is expelled/disendorsed, for proven or perceived corrupt behaviour, by the party under whose banner he/she was elected. It is a travesty that politicians like the disgraced former Victorian ALP Member for Melton, Donato Antonio Nardella, can continue to sit in parliament, as an Independent, and draw a fat salary and entitlements for another two years, following his expulsion from the ALP for the alleged rorting of his parliamentary allowances. Immediate by-elections will protect the integrity of the democratic process and will make politicians think twice, even thrice, about their behaviour following their election to Parliament. It's time for more transparency and accountability on the part of our major political parties.

Despite the localised furore caused by 19 people getting parking tickets this week (later waived), some drivers believe parking is still easy in Ballarat.

Despite the localised furore caused by 19 people getting parking tickets this week (later waived), some drivers believe parking is still easy in Ballarat.

Michael J Gamble, Belmont


Ballarat is being smothered and uglified by waste plastic. Plastic bags blow around the streets and parks and tangle in trees and shrubs. Along the creeks and waterways the situation is particularly bad. We need to ban the limited-use, lightweight plastic shopping bag. It is taking too big a toll on our wildlife and environment. We're smart enough to manage without them. It's time for Victoria to join the other states that have banned these bags. I hope our representatives Sharon Knight, Geoff Howard and Jaala Pulford will pressure the Andrews government to #banthebag!

Sandra Hawkins, Canadian