AFL in Ballarat: membership drive to secure seats

WESTERN Bulldogs are offering a chance to win medallion club seats to Ballarat members who join the pack before Friday.

The Bulldogs are hosting a Ballarat membership day at the Mair Street headquarters on Thursday.

This is one of the last chances for people across the region to secure a seat at the historic Eureka Stadium match on August 19 before tickets go on sale to the public.

Ballarat three-game memberships or club membership Ballarat add-ons are only available for residents in the Ballarat, Pyrenees, Ararat, Horsham, Southern Grampians or Northern Grampians regions.

Anyone who holds an active Ballarat Bulldogs membership before 5pm Thursday has a chance to share in Bulldogs prizes. The Ballarat membership drive marks 70 days from game day, when Western Bulldogs host Port Adelaide in the round 22 clash.

Eureka Stadium construction is due for completion in less than a fortnight.

Western Bulldogs have committed to play matches for AFL premiership points in Ballarat for this season and the next four years with an interest to continue adopting Eureka Stadium as an alternate home base.

The Bulldogs are the reigning AFL premier and have more than 40,000 members this season.