GALLERY: Winter dishes up thick pea soup fog

Have you noticed more fog than usual around Ballarat lately? 

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Rod Dickson has the answers on what’s been causing those eerie mornings and spooky nights.

It all comes down to how there has been less cloud cover in May and June as the temperature has dipped.

“The reason we’ve had so much fog is because we’ve had a ridge of high pressure across the state leading to clear skies overnight,” Mr Dickson said.

“And when the temperature drops after the sun goes down any moisture can form into fog in those conditions with light winds.

“The air near the ground cools quickly, so moisture condenses into water drops and then a layer of fog.”

The gloomy conditions have wreaked havoc for all sporting codes, with soccer matches and races at Ballarat Greyhound Racing club called off to due poor visibility. 

Highway Patrol officers urged motorists to drive safely.