Prepare for Bulldog crowd pleasers

INSPIRATIONAL tunes and football anthems are now top of Ballarat Memorial Concert Band’s repertoire with the band will welcome football supporters and set the right tone at Ballarat Train Station on AFL game day. 

As part of the build-up, band members have also joined in the chorus encouraging you to Adopt A ‘Dog as part of The Courier’s campaign to make Ballarat a dog-friendly city.

This week, the band has helped serve up some big crowd pleasers to help you find a Western Bulldogs player to cheer.

The Bulldogs will host Port Adelaide at Mars Stadium on August 19 for the first AFL premiership season game. The club has committed to playing matches in Ballarat for five years.

Check out what Ballarat Memorial Concert Band is looking forward to most about game day and electrifying player suggestions for you to adopt, online at