Letters to the Editor

Make the best of a brisk thing

On Wednesday evening last week, we attended the Winterfest activities at Sovereign Hill Historical Park. What a wonderful occasion! Out in the brisk Ballarat July evening with thousands of other people, enjoying the lights, the snow and the lovely decorations. What a huge boost to Sovereign Hill's winter attendances. I do hope that the person responsible for the idea received a huge bonus. The parking at Sovereign Hill was at a premium with all the car parks almost full! It is wonderful that Sovereign Hill had the foresight to develop the block on the corner of Bradshaw Street and Geelong Road into an unobtrusive, temporary, overflow parking area to enable people to park safely.

It would be great if there was evidence of the people running the Eureka/Mars Football Stadium having similar forward planning. Still no word of parking or transport for the "sell-out" AFL match! There have been more announcements of free nearby activities for people who will not be able to fit into the stadium which is a great idea, but still no information for parking for these extra patrons! My grandsons also had two wonderful hours skating at the skating rink in Sturt Street.

Many thanks to the Ballarat City Council for providing a great activity for all ages at such a reasonable cost.

Snow and illumination makes a pleasure out of the traditional misery that is a Ballarat winter.

Snow and illumination makes a pleasure out of the traditional misery that is a Ballarat winter.

Joyce Currie, Wendouree

Sirens now ubiquitous

It is a shame, this peaceful and beautiful place we chose to call home nearly 20 years ago, turning into such a violent place. Our home sits on a hill near Sovereign Hill, and we are able to hear many sounds - birds, dogs, wildlife, and more and more sirens. Despite calls for more police, we seem to be on the short end of the stick. It is not the fault of our MPs or city leaders. The fault lies with bureaucrats, living over 100km away, deciding who gets how many.  Let's not wait for more assaults, more robberies and more burned-out stolen cars. We either need more Victoria Police, or we need a Ballarat police force. Our own police force would be much better than a fed up population who decides to patrol our own streets in a vigilante style. 

Stephen Downey, Golden Point

Undertaking symptomatic of aggression

There is a huge problem with aggression on the roads of Victoria and I believe it stems from the habit of undertaking other vehicles. Drivers duck and dive and fill in any gaps in the flow of traffic. If the law was enforced that undertaking was illegal and passing on the right and moving back to the left was the norm, then traffic would flow more smoothly and motorcyclists wouldn't be put at risk. The driving experience calms down.  I have experienced "rage" in Victoria with a 4x4 on my tailgate with his hand on the horn for two intersections. I have ridden motorcycles and driven cars in Britain and Europe, so I do have the experience of much denser populations in smaller countries that manage their traffic well.

Julie Lane, Buninyong

Opportunity to help

The film screening, "Don't Tell" will be opening at the Regent Cinema in Ballarat on Thursday 20th July. Our Foundation has been selected as one of the host charities for the purpose of fundraising. As child sexual abuse is such a 'silent' crime, it is often not spoken of in public and certainly not heard at the end of a loudspeaker. With this in mind, we welcome this opportunity to provide this film in a way that keeps the dignity of the Survivors, and all those who support them, intact and without any political agenda. Tickets are $20 each with all profits going to our Foundation to provide the Educational Scholarships to Victims/Survivors of child sexual abuse.Tickets include a light supper and drinks prior to the film screening and can be purchased from our website 

Sandra Harris.  Children of Phoenix Foundation