Carngham-Linton extends Beaston’s tenure

After six coaches in seven years, Carngham-Linton has found some stability at its helm in the form of Matt Beaston – extending his coaching tenure for two more years.

Since joining the Central Highlands Football League in 2011, only one coach has served more than a season at the Saints and Beaston’s appointment, which happened in late November, for this year made him the sixth in seven years.

Carngham-Linton did not win a game in 2016 and while the club knows it has a long road ahead to being competitive in the league, president Sam Richardson says the two-year extension provides the Saints with the stability to do so.

Richardson said Beaston had brought a modern approach to the role and believed he was the right man to take the club forward.

Matt Beaston

Matt Beaston

“We’ve been really pleased with what he’s been able to bring,” Richardson said.

“He’s certainly brought a lot of structure to the place and a lot of more modern coaching techniques.

“We can go to all those guys now (the players) and get some commitment out of them for next year and then when you’re going to prospective new recruits, you’ve not only got your coach, but you’re playing list...last year we were trying to recruit players while we were also trying to recruit a coach.”

Richardson felt in such a big league, there was many sides in the same position as the Saints – trying to break a long stretch at the bottom of the ladder.

Richardson said the only way to do this was to hand a well-credentialed coach the reins for a considerable amount of time to steer the squad in the right direction – and that is the notion behind Beaston’s extension.

“We think it’s a good way to go, get some stability.

“It’s such a big league and you’ve got some really strong clubs. In some smaller leagues you might have the luxury of bringing in a lot of players at once and transform it more quickly, but I don’t think that is going to work in this league. You’ve got to build towards it, get a certain game style and get your personnel until you get to a point where you’re hopefully pretty competitive.”

Carngham-Linton has won two matches this season and doubled its percentage.