Snow falls around Ballarat

Mt Buninyong today. Photo: @poppy_lot via Instagram

Mt Buninyong today. Photo: @poppy_lot via Instagram

There has been a light dusting of snow around Ballarat today.

Snow has been reported in a number of high-altitude areas including Daylesford (576m), Mt Buninyong (754m), Gordon (564m), Mt Egerton (518m), Mt Warrenheip (746m) and Trentham (700m).

However, in most cases the snow is melting as soon as it hits the wet ground.

There is not yet any snow in Ballarat, although the temperature hit its highest point of 5.7 degrees at 12pm.

Mountains around Ballarat, according to

  • Mt Buninyong – 754m
  • Mt Warrenheip – 746m
  • Leonard’s Hill (near Daylesford) – 740m
  • Clarkes Hill – 718m
  • Mt Misery (near Beaufort) – 686m
  • Daylesford – 576m
  • Gordon – 564m
  • Ballarat – 423m

Snow is still forecast top fall above 900m tonight, but it doesn’t seem likely we will get any in Ballarat.

And as for the rest of the week, it doesn’t look like there’s any more on the horizon.

Source: Weatherzone.ccom

Source: Weatherzone.ccom


MT WARRENHEIP (click to watch video by Tom Ferguson)

GORDON (click to watch video by Jen McCrabb)