Netballer admits to stealing more than $300,000

Kelly Howard.
Kelly Howard.

A decorated Bungaree netballer has pleaded guilty to defrauding the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation of more than $300,000.

Kelly Howard, 44, pleaded guilty to eight indictable theft charges at the Ballarat Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

For Howard’s guilty plea, the prosecution withdrew one charge of stealing $266,500 from the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation.

The accountant stole the funds from the corporation between September 2011 and December 2015.

Charge sheets obtained by The Courier states Howard stole $145,000 belonging to the corporation in November 2012.

Other amounts include $40,817 in March 2015, $19,000 in December 2015, $76,808 in December 2012 and  $25,500 in February 2012.

The total amount stolen from the corporation was $334,200, according to the charge sheets.

Magistrate Gregory Robinson asked Kelly if she was guilty or not guilty of the charges, to which she replied 'guilty'.

She was bailed with the conditions she live at a static address, surrender her passport within 24 hours and not to attend any international departure points.

Howard’s plea hearing will be held in the County Court in Ballarat during the circuit starting on August 28.