Basketball: new head coach for Ballarat City Brewers

Canadian Robin Fox-Pappas will lead Ballarat City Brewers in Baseball Victoria Summer League division two next season.

Fox-Pappas, has been recruited from Weston Creek Indians in Canberra to take up the role of playing coach.

The 26-year-old is a genuine all-rounder, noted as a corner infielder, outfielder and powerful hitter, who also expects to pitch as required.

Fox-Pappas takes over the head coaching role from Brewers legend Paul Gladman, who is staying on as assistant coach. 

Gladman said Fox-Pappas was highly credentialed, with a distinguished playing record in his home country and Canberra.

“Robin was a standout candidate for us and we are really thrilled about what we believe he will bring

to the club.

“People we have spoken to have nothing but positive comments to make about him as a person,  player and club person,” he said.

“Robin is going to be an exciting player and leader, no doubt about that,” Gladman said.

“He has indicated to us that he is really keen to assist with our club-building and with bringing our younger players to another level as we strive to build ourselves as an organisation that can consistently compete against the strong Melbourne metropolitan clubs.”

Gladman said the Indians were most impressed with Fox-Pappas’ commitment to the club and development of the game at grassroots level.

Ballarat is entering its fifth season in the summer league, which starts on October 1.

Wes McKnight is the new club president, with Peter Jacobsson vice-president.

The appointment of  Fox-Pappas is the first several key announcements the Brewers will be making in  coming weeks.