Violence victim speaks out to thank those that have helped rebuild her life

Jane* has been living a nightmare for years, but helping hands have given her a future she once feared she would never see.

Earlier this year, bashed and bloodied and fearing her abusive partner would kill her, she ran to her neighbour’s house to call police. It turned out to be the first step toward a safe future.

As well as dealing with her violent partner, the police that night referred Jane to WRISC Family Violence Support who have helped rebuild her life.

The service has given her practical help including rent assistance, food vouchers, changing the locks on her house, medical bills and ongoing medical treatment, phone credit and other necessities, as well as helped her take stock of her emotional wellbeing.

With the support of her WRISC case worker, Jane is looking forward to the future.

“I like to point out their strength because they often don’t see their own strength and resilience,” Jane’s caseworker said.

Good family support, and professional services, can help women through what is often the toughest time of their lives.

Jane decided to speak out to praise WRISC for their help and let other women in abusive relationships know there is help to break the cycle.

“I want other women to know there are people out there that can help them get out of that situation and if they’ve got young children, they can support them too.”

WRISC chief executive Libby Jewson said the organisation collaborated with many other agencies as part of the regional response to family violence to provide the best services for hundreds of women each year.

As well as practical support, WRISC provides counselling for children as there is growing awareness of the impact that being a witness to domestic violence has on the young. 

The service also supports women in court and through the legal process, and for as long as a client needs help. 

Contact WRISC during business hours on 5333 3666 or

*not her real name