Driver flees after two-car crash in Redan

Police are hunting the driver of a car who fled the scene of a crash in Redan on Monday morning.

Two cars collided at the intersection of Rubicon and Ripon streets about 8.10am, both sustaining serious damage.

It is believed the driver of the four-wheel drive fled the scene on foot.

There are not any serious injuries.

Traffic is blocked both ways on Rubicon Street.

The owner of the silver Holden that was in the collision told The Courier he was almost hit by a speeding red car, before being hit by the four-wheel drive.

He was the only person in his car at the time.

He said the driver of the four-wheel drive, a young male, fled along Ripon Street South.

"I missed the red one, I was lucky I didn't hit that, then I got hit by the four-wheel drive,” said the middle-aged man.

"The red one was just a flash when it came past me."

More to come.