Letters to the Editor

One less place of joy

I want to express my disappointment in the closure of the coffee shop in Linen and Living in Bridge Mall. We have been frequenting the coffee shop on a regular bases for over a year now and have really enjoyed the coffee and excellent food served there. The staff, especially Christine, have always been lovely. I was in there just over a week ago and took a friend in with me. She really enjoyed the place and the coffee and was so excited to have found such a great coffee spot. So you can imagine my surprise and disappointing when we went in on Wednesday this week to find the coffee shop /cafe closed. We look forward to our coffee and cake at Linen & Living where I often buy items I have noticed while having my coffee. It was often a great place for a bit of brunch or just a coffee hit.

On Wednesday when we found out we could not get our coffee we just came home, stunned by the closure of the best part of the shop. Sure I can still go in to buy items for my house but I really can't see myself doing that if I can't enjoy a sit down and ponder my purchase over a coffee and treat. I am sure the proprietor has his/her reason for closing the coffee shop but maybe the whole idea needs a re-think. We try and support the mall as much as possible. We shop there as often as we can and Linen & Living was one of the main reasons we would go into the mall. I know there are other coffee shops in the mall and yes we do try and support them too but no one makes passionfruit sponge quite like Christine.

Christine and Shane Malone, Brown Hill.

Home grown talent on show

Congratulation to Mount Clear College on their outstanding production of "Popstars of the 90,s Musical." It showcased great young talent in dance, musical accompaniment, choreography, acting and singing. The show flowed and provided a wonderfully entertaining evening. The sell out crowd were totally engaged.

D. McCance, East Ballarat

Recnetly, I, along with my wife had the pleasure of viewing the last performance of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Arts Centre in Melbourne. Earlier this year we had the pleasure of viewing The Book Of Mormon.

Two vastly different performances but with one common denominator; both shows featured Ballarat-born and raised men in leading roles; Todd Jacobson in The Book Of Mormon playing one of the Mormons. In Jesus Christ Superstar, Zoy Frangos was playing the role of Judas. If I recall correctly Zoy was also quite a success athlete, trained by Peter O’Dwyer.

Outstanding performances by both men, and without a doubt they will become stars of the future. I believe these two men only represent a small percent of the successful talent from our city and it would be great, to see some public recognition of their efforts our exports achieve.

Home-grown: Both local shows and local stars in productions in Melbourne have shown what a wealth of talent Ballarat boasts in musical theatre.

Home-grown: Both local shows and local stars in productions in Melbourne have shown what a wealth of talent Ballarat boasts in musical theatre.

John Bourke, Ballarat

Doubts need to be answered

As a concerned Ballarat citizen, I would like to make some comments about the ongoing discussion over the Ballarat Railway Precinct. The very important letter to the Premier, from the many concerned citizens in the Courier on Saturday, 1st. July, and latterly, the very well put letter from Paul Jenkins, Thurs. 10th. August, and many other letters from interested citizens have not been addressed. Approaches made to the Government have not had replies/been listened to, therefore, I feel before action is taken to commence the work at the precinct, we should have a deputation/discussion with the Premier to resolve our concerns.

As Ballarat Citizen of the Year in 2016, I feel I speak for many of my fellow citizens, who care for the history and prosperity of our city, CBD and transport hub, accommodation, are vital to our future.

Anne Smail, Alfredton