'I feel like an a---hole': Twist for week's winners on The Block

Mothers of Australia unite - would you ever actually want a large-scale climbing wall inside your child's bedroom?

Surely the chorus of "NO"s would be deafening among any parents hoping for a peaceful bedtime ritual for their children.

Don't tell that to Sticks, Wombat or the "big kid" judge Darren Palmer on The Block, for Palmer was so enamoured with their climbing wall gimmick he didn't want to leave the room.

The Block 2017 kids rooms reveals

"Big kid" judge Darren Palmer enjoying the climbing wall in Sticks and Wombat's room. Photo: Channel Nine/The Block

"He was climbing it like a rat up a drainpipe," said Scotty Cam.

Despite their adventurous and fun design for kids bedroom week on the renovation show, Sticks and Wombat only ended up in third place, with all of the contestants outdone by the beautiful, "whimsical" winning design of Ronnie and Georgia's room.

The Perth pair not only managed to score the first perfect 10 on this season of The Block (it was awarded by judge Neale Whittaker) but they won yet another week, after finishing their room ahead of schedule yet again.

The Block 2017 kids rooms reveals

Ronnie jumps for joy after finding out the scores. Photo: Channel Nine/The Block

After hearing the final scores from the judges, an overjoyed Georgia said "I think I've figured out the formula - you don't have to go big, you just have to do something beautiful". (Although, on that note, it must be said there were some freaky-looking soft toys included in a few of the kids rooms, including the winning design ??? surely that particular trend is nearly over? Remember the joy of good old-fashioned teddy bears, anyone?)

Josh and Elyse came off the high of being among the leaders to fourth place with their "surf-inspired" teenager's retreat. Although Shaynna described the room and its added mezzanine as "vanilla", there was plenty of interest in their powerful choice of artwork - an ocean photograph taken by Sticks (who clearly knows his way around a camera).

Confronted with the judges' comments about the blandness of the room, Josh said: "White sells, everybody knows that white sells."

The Block 2017 kids rooms reveals

Shaynna loving the zebra wallpaper in Jason and Sarah's room.Photo: Channel Nine/The Block

Older couple Sarah and Jason, who ended up in second place, seemed to find their mojo this week with an animal-inspired room which received praise for its functionality.

Shaynna Blaze it was hard to interpret the age of the child they were aiming the room at. "Which is a good thing," she added, "it's got a lot of versatility".

"There's a lot of restraint and sophistication without sacrificing a sense of fun," said Whitaker.

The Block 2017 kids rooms reveals

Hannah and Clint were left disappointed again. Photo: Channel Nine/The Block

Hannah and Clint were left disappointed again with the wooden spoon position, after the judges expressed concerns about their changes in planning. Their bedroom ended up being a small space with a glass sliding door, which raised concerns from the judges.

"Wouldn't you prefer a window so the kids are safe?" said Blaze. They said the size of the room might be a deterrent to buyers in relation to the other houses.

Before announcing the winner of the episode, Cam announced a new scoring twist in this year's series because it has been such a tight race among the competitors so far. He said the winning couple could take a point from another team's score - for next week's room reveal.

The Block 2017 kids rooms reveals

Jason and Sarah not impressed with the point scoring plot twist.Photo: Channel Nine/The Block

Even Ronnie and Georgia seemed hesitant to do it, after their win. But they chose runners-up Sarah and Jason as the pair who will lose a point.

"I didn't want to have to do that because I already feel like an arsehole for winning again," said Georgia.

She seemed rattled by the fact the four other teams had banded together at times to help each other during the week's renovations.

Ronnie and Georgia said when they didn't receive a knock on the door, they got the message loud and clear. "Them versus us, that's what it feels like," she said.

The final scores for kids bedrooms were Ronnie and Georgia on 29, Sarah and Jason on 27, Sticks and Wombat on 25.5, Josh and Elyse on 23 and Hannah and Clint on 22.

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