Daylesford man cleans up in the lottery

A Daylesford man has spoken of his shock at winning division one in the lottery.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, took out the $830,431.50 main prize in Tattslotto’s Saturday draw.

He said he did not know he had even won until he walked into the Daylesford Newsagency and overheard a conversation that a local had won the main prize.

He then checked his ticket and realised he had taken out the prize.

“I normally check it myself, and I went to check it at the counter and overheard the owner chatting to another customer,” the man said.

“He was telling him that someone in town had won $830,000 and I put my ticket in and it said I had won a big one.”

So how does he plan to spend the cash?

“We are about to go on holiday overseas, and it has all been paid for but this will give us a bit more spending money,” he said.

“Apart from that I will be putting it away for a couple of years until I retire, we don’t really need anything and we are very happy with our lifestyle.

“In three years’ time I’ll retire, and it will be very nice to have it put away for then.”

This story Daylesford man cleans up in the lottery first appeared on The Advocate - Hepburn.