Format change to keep interest

The Grenville Cricket Association will make some forward-thinking changes to the structure of its senior grade competition following this week’s annual general meeting.

The competition will now boast 11 teams as Lexton joins, Linton will field two sides while president Scott Walker said it was “more unlikely than likely” that Skipton would field a side this season. But he said it was expected Skipton would return once its numbers allowed it.

While in a bid to ensure the competition remains competitive and all clubs are provided with incentive throughout the season, all teams will play each other once before the ladder is broken up into division one and division two post-Christmas.

The top six teams and the bottom five teams will then play each other, vying for a top four spot in their respective divisions – first will play fourth, second versus third will then play-off for a place in the grand final.

Walker said the decision to change the season format was to cater for a competition that has a reasonable gap between the top teams and the bottom. While it is hoped this structure will keep teams and club numbers strong for the second half of the season when interest may otherwise dwindle.

“Some of the weaker teams are dropping away after Christmas, so just to keep the interest-level up for them,” Walker said.

The change in structure was unanimous between the teams...we want to make a strong competition that players want to play in.

President Scott Walker

Walker said the decision to revamp the structure was “unanimous” among clubs. He said it was in the competition’s best interests to make such changes to ensure its longevity - and the clubs felt the same.

“The change in structure was unanimous between the teams, it’s a pretty strong competition in the sense the clubs see that it’s important to look after the players and the clubs to keep the league going. We want to make a strong competition that players want to play in.”

Last year’s 17-match season saw four clubs win more than 10 matches, including an undefeated Crocs, while the remaining six were on the wrong side of the win-loss ratio with 84 premiership points separating the top and bottom side.

2017-18 TEAMS

Carngham Crocs, Haddon, Carranballac, Carngham Colts, Linton (two teams), Rokewood, Derrinallum, Smythesdale, Lismore, Lexton