Letters to the Editor

Marriage equality postal vote: time to have your say

I am totally consumed by the same-sex marriage deal. Not so much the matchmaking, but the process of law making in Australia. Why not a postal vote on the banning of postal votes? Or a plebiscite on the banning of plebiscites? Or a High Court case on the having of High Court cases? We could challenge the right to legal challenges. The public could bypass pollies and decide everything using the aforementioned. It looks simpler.

I once put a sticker on my car rear bumper bar and it worked. It read, "Help stamp out bumper stickers". It worked. Now chrome has gone over to paint that lifts off with stickers. Maybe I caused change to the world. To our politicians: A S.S.M. political "No" vote would lose several hundred thousand votes. A "Yes" vote does not affect many, nor rock the boat much, nor radically change people's voting. If government power is held by one seat, then you seek every vote from everywhere to save your scalp.

Maybe the CEO of Australia Post might get a bonus from the extra mail sent out and replies back. It appears that the "Yes" group would embrace a "Yes" vote and disapprove of a "No" vote as it is basically only a survey; non-binding and expensive.

Colin Holmes, Ballarat

Postal votes for the same-sex marriage survey should be arriving via Australia Post this week, representing a watershed moment in the long-running issue.

Postal votes for the same-sex marriage survey should be arriving via Australia Post this week, representing a watershed moment in the long-running issue.

Same sex attraction happens for exactly the same reasons as opposite sex attraction. In the scientific sense it is because of biology, and in the religious sense because that is how God made people. So, both forms of attraction are equally legitimate. That is why same sex marriage is about equality. Having a survey about it is as bizarre as debating whether the sky is blue.

Opponents of same sex marriage, mainly men, tell us that "God ordained" traditional marriage has been for uncountable millennia the unshakeable foundation of happy family life. Until recent times it wasn't so happy for women. What modern woman would enter into a marriage with no property or inheritance rights and, even today in some Christian denominations, the sacred duty to submit to her husband. Modern traditional marriage isn't perfect either. About one third of them are demolished by infidelity, gambling, drinking, violence, boredom, unreasonable expectations and countless other problems.

With their vilification of same sex couples, those on the dark side of Christianity perpetuate the same sort of bigotry that led to the horrific mediaeval persecutions of same sex people, scientists, witches and anyone else the Christian hierarchy felt threatened by.

When same sex marriage inevitably comes about, life as we know it will not end. Traditional marriages will continue as usual, children will still be loved and the world will be a happier place.

Lawrie Wilson, Ballarat

Now that the High Court has allowed the postal vote to proceed, all eligible voters in Australia will have the opportunity to express their opinions regarding same-sex marriage.

I would urge all those who identify themselves as Christians to consider the fact that the Christian attitude to life is based on the standards which are expressed in the bible, which we believe to be the word of God. I would urge all Christian believers to exercise their right and vote "No".

Ron Bailey, Warrenheip

Catherine King's speech of support at the Walk for Marriage Equality at Lake Wendouree on Saturday is welcome, however, I am yet to hear Catherine humbly apologise for her role in contributing to this injustice in 2004, when it took less than a day for Labor MPs to comply with the Coalitions definition of Marriage.

It took less time for the Carbon Tax to be repealed, than this hollow shell of "respectful" debate to occur, but then again, that was just environmental policy - who in the world does that affect? 

Lynda Ward, Sebastopol