Victoria showing the way to Canberra on compassion

Let us rejoice and thank our Premier, Daniel Andrews for his recent compassionate action. To defy our Immigration Minister's latest edict and offer hope, love and sanctuary to asylum seekers is worthy of praise. Peter Dutton's new visa affects four hundred and ten men, women and children living in Australia. It is called, "Final Departure Bridging E Visa" and is frightening. Sanctuary is a beautiful word and I pray that more politicians will add it to their vocabularies and hearts. 

Diane Collacott, Ballarat.

The recent decision by the federal government to transfer some asylum seekers to final departure visas, cut off their income payments and force them to vacate their accommodation is further punishment and yet another attempt to force these people back to the offshore prison camps or back to the dangerous conditions they were originally attempting to escape. The Andrews government is to be congratulated on its decision to assist these legitimate asylum seekers with funds, accommodation and case worker support. At last a spark of humanity in contrast to Peter Dutton's miserable morass of punishing cruelties.

Peter Meadley, Ballarat

What work trial?

How do you even get on one of these employment programs for older people? If youth unemployment is a problem, what happens when you are over 45? If anyone really took the time to properly research 'age-caused unemployment' it would eventually get into the discrimination pages of the annals of public record and it would be a close call between youth and aged. So where are the older underemployed, eventually? Starting their own businesses with little support and little thinking on part of our famous public servants at Centrelink.

Sandy Beach, Bunkers Hill