The Abolición bring vegan message to Ballarat

A strong vegan message is the basis on which melodic power punk band The Abolición was formed in 2014.

It was the brain child of Peruvian singer-songwriter and guitarist, Pedro Allemant, who’d already been a vegan for 10 years when he arrived in Australia, and wanted to form a band which used music in a constructive way and was dedicated solely to animal rights.

Justice for animals: The message of power punk band The Abolición is all about animal rights and they are bringing it to Ballarat this weekend.

Justice for animals: The message of power punk band The Abolición is all about animal rights and they are bringing it to Ballarat this weekend.

With a twenty year tenure as front man for Peruvian punk band Futuro Incierto under his belt, Mr Allemant connected with fellow musicians, guitarist Daniel Green and vocalist Alex Gawly through social media.

Along with drummer Dani Vampy, bassist Drew Basford completes the line up and said he immediately joined the artistic musical project for its meaningful message. 

After their debut show at Elsternwick’s Lyrebird Lounge, they were asked to play for the 2015 World Vegan Day at the Showgrounds.

Mr Basford said all members had been drawn to music as an outlet for social causes.

“As a young child at the age of 12 my life was changed forever by the piercing social commentary of The Dead Kennedys, The Clash and Sex Pistols. among many others. And of course, growing up in Australia, bands like Midnight Oil and Depression featured heavily on the turntable and as must see live acts,” Mr Basford said. 

While playing to a wide variety of audiences, Mr Basford said there is always a queue of people wanting to know more about veganism and its vital connection to the rights of animals to no longer be treated and used as property by humans. Interacting with people after every show who have never previously considered the lives of animals trapped in the farming and hunting/fishing nightmare that humans create is something he counted as one of his highlights.

“What influences us all now is without a doubt the continuing atrocity of the global animal use industries. We are inspired to convince all peoples that we do not need to continue to torture and murder animals for unnecessary things, since we do not need to eat animals or wear them or gamble on them racing round a track or stare at them in zoos to be happy and healthy,” he said.

He counted the upcoming Australian and New Zealand tour and the recent release of their new album as further highlights and said the future involves spreading the message of respect for all living creatures through the medium of loud, fast and kickass rock and roll.

“We really are looking forward to making new friends and new connections this Friday night in Ballarat and hope that everyone has a great time at the show,” he said. 

Launching their debut album 'Songs of Justice', they play at the Eastern Station on September 15.