Bail denied to repeat family violence offender

A Ballarat man with a long history of violent behavior toward his partner has had his application for bail refused in the Magistrates’ Court on Friday, September 15. 

Jesse Millyard, 30, has been in and out of prison a number of times for similar violent behaviors towards his partner and Magistrate Jonathan Klestadt said Millyard displayed a pattern of violent behavior. 

At the bail hearing on Friday, the court heard that Millyard had allegedly terrorised his pregnant partner in numerous ways including threatening to “put her in a pine box in a shallow grave.”

Reading from a summary, First Constable Ashlee Aranyosi described how Millyard allegedly forced his fist into his partner’s mouth while blocking her nose, stopping her from breathing for up to 30 seconds. 

The court heard he repeated this action up to five times. 

Police also allege that Millyard physically assaulted and detained his partner and threatened to kill her on numerous occasions to stop her from attending court to obtain intervention orders. 

On one occasion police allege he threatened to “stomp on her stomach to kill the baby” in an effort to frighten her away from going to the court. 

Millyard’s defence lawyer, Scott Belcher argued Millyard had a high chance of complying with bail conditions despite his 22-page criminal history. 

Magistrate Klestadt was not convinced the safety of Millyard’s partner could be protected with Millyard bailed out of custody. 

“What concerns me the most is these are serious charges and attempts by the accused to dominate the victim to pervert the course of justice,” he said.

“There is an unacceptable risk if released he would commit further offences, pose a danger to the victim and others and continue to interfere with the course of justice.”

When being escorted from the courtroom under guard, Millyard swore at the judge and punched the walls in the hallway.